GauthTech’s Maths Solving App Gauthmath Gets Over A Million Users in 6 Months


Gauthmath has grown in leaps and bounds in recent times, accumulating over a million users in less than six months since it was officially launched by a tech startup, GauthTech. The free user-friendly mobile app is designed to help high school students with all kinds of math problems, with real live math tutors providing step-by-step explanations 24/7. The app’s popularity has literally exploded since its launch, reaching #1 in the US App Store educational ranking chart in May, reiterating its effectiveness and how it has helped students struggling with their math.

Overview of Performance of High School Students With Math

Mathematics remains one of the most dreaded subjects in the world and the case is even more worrisome for high school students. Recent surveys have reported that 37% of teens aged between 13 and 17 found math to be the most difficult subject – the highest ranked overall. Several factors, including attention difficulties and lack of practice, have been attributed to the massive failure. While several study resources have been developed to help make the learning process a lot easier for students, many of such tools have yielded little results. However, the team at GauthTech seems to have hit the goldmine as substantiated with the launch of Gauthmath and the increasing popularity of the app.

Introduction of Gauthmath

The launch of Gauthmath was timely, as it creates a new way for students to learn math at home, especially in the post-Covid era. The e-learning app offers instant, on-the-go maths step-by-step solutions for free to high school students, uniquely combining technology and real experienced maths tutors to help students and parents in final preparation.

Gauthmath covers all types of math questions, including word problems and geometry questions, using AI techniques, making it an all-inclusive must-have learning tool for students. Middle school and high school students, as well as tutors, have shared their reviews about the app across different social media platforms, with TikTok practically going agog with fun duet videos that have generated millions of views.

Features and Milestones Achieved By Gauthmath

The App Launches in Over 170 Countries

Not too many applications can boast of the reach of Gauthmath. The recent feat of launching in 173 countries as of June is even more laudable considering that math apps are not particularly popular, showing that the learning tool has undoubtedly won the hearts of thousands of students worldwide.

Prompt Answers To Questions

The most important feature for every app user will be the efficiency and accuracy of the solutions offered. While many math doctors train students, the tutors’ answering speed and accuracy have come under strong criticism. However, Gauthmath seeks to take the experience a notch higher, using a carefully designed tutors’ selection procedure and elimination system to improve the speed and accuracy of tutors. The app also offers a relaxed atmosphere for students and tutors to interact, with no pressure from an adult tutor.

Fun Math Learning Community Across Social Media

The reach of Gauthmath has transcended the app, as users have formed a fast-growing fun maths learning community on social platforms. The community currently has more than 50,000 members on Discord, with students participating in different activities, including math puzzle events as well as math fun facts with tutors in a voice channel, and post maths trivia. There are also study-related activities such as Math Quizzes, Speech competitions, and art-related activities.

Gauthmath has gone viral across social media, with one of the Gauthmath TikTok activities, “Put Your Fingers Down” practically dominating Indonesia TikTok, with over 49k users shooting the duet video. Millions of influencers and TikTok users have also posted different videos, with its feat unparalleled for an educational App.

For more information about Gauthmath and its range of features, visit – https://www.gauthmath.com/. Gauthmath can also be found across social media, including TikTokFacebook, and Discord.

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