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Gator Paper Straws Proud to Help the Environment

Gator Paper Straws

The benefits of choosing Gator Paper Straws are clear. Manufactured with super-premium paper, designed to be eco-friendly, and economical to boot, they’re streets ahead of the competition. Furthermore, and in addition to being marketed as the best straws on sale today, choosing Gator Paper Straws also comes with one other major perk.

That’s because, by doing so, customers are supporting a business that prides itself on helping the environment. Gator Paper Straws are available exclusively from RD Promo & Sourcing, owned by Florida businessman and Boca Raton native David Morrison. As a part of Community Greening, for every case of Gator Paper Straws sold RD Promo & Sourcing plants a tree.

Community Greening, in partnership with David Morrison and Gator Paper Straws

Community Greening is an urban forestry-focused nonprofit headquartered close to David Morrison and his team’s Boca Raton, Florida offices. With the support of the likes of David Morrison, RD Promo & Sourcing, and their Gator Paper Straws, the nonprofit has rapidly expanded throughout South Florida.

Community Greening works primarily with local individuals and other organizations to improve the environment and community. It does so by planting trees and transforming previously barren urban spaces. Founded in 2016, with the help of supporters like David Morrison, RD Promo & Sourcing, and Gator Paper Straws, Community Greening has planted approximately 10,000 trees.

The initiative is further supported by a small army of volunteers of all ages. Together, Community Greening and its volunteers plant trees in public parks, schoolyards, residential spaces, urban orchards, and countless other locations.

Environment firmly at the heart of Gator Paper Straws

Like Community Greening, the environment is at the heart of everything Gator Paper Straws stands for. Gator Paper Straws are completely biodegradable and fully compostable, breaking down in as little as six weeks once discarded. By contrast, plastic straws are non-biodegradable, cannot be composted, and last forever.

Gator Paper Straws

With Gator Paper Straws, the difference is real. The brand believes there’s only one way to fight the damage caused by plastics and help the environment. That’s to replace them with eco-friendly alternatives that offer the same benefits with none of the drawbacks.

Another top-quality product from David Morrison and team

Offering maximum quality at the lowest prices via mix-and-match case deals, Gator Paper Straws are available exclusively from Boca Raton native David Morrison’s RD Promo & Sourcing. Morrison is an experienced executive with a demonstrated history of working with Fortune 500 companies. Skilled across the board, his peers celebrate him as a top-notch business leader.

Gator Paper Straws are just one of many immensely innovative products from RD Promo & Sourcing. Expertly crafted from top-quality food-grade natural cellulose paper, Gator Paper Straws last four hours or more in a typical beverage.

Specially formulated with a gluten-free binder and made from four individual layers of paper, they’re offered in various colors and designs, each available for next-day shipping. For further information, visit the Gator Paper Straws website. Meanwhile, head to or connect with the nonprofit on social media to find out more about Community Greening.

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