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Gardening Tips to Help Your Plants This Spring

Spring is the time that most people look forward to. The days are getting longer and the temperatures are higher, and your mood is improving after winter. Indeed, you want to get outside more and enjoy nature.

Well, somewhere you can start is in your garden. Spring is the time to get cleaned up after winter and organised for the active growing season. Most plants go through a transformation during this season after being dormant. If you want to encourage good, healthy growth, you must ensure you are helping your plants get a head start. Here are some useful gardening tips to assist your plants this spring.

Clean The Beds

Let’s start with a simple task. It is time to clean up the beds and borders in your garden. This means that you want to get rid of all the debris that should not be there. We are talking about the leaves that have fallen during the winter and other debris that has gathered there during the bad weather. These should be removed from beds and borders to allow your plants room to grow, as well as for them to look good. Essentially, you want just to have the soil on show.

Something you can do after you have cleaned the beds and borders is to add some compost. This is going to allow the plants to enjoy some slow-releasing nutrients, giving them a helping hand during spring. You can also top up the soil if you have found that it has depleted over the winter months.

Change Plant Pots

Let’s not forget about the plants you have in plant pots. They also have to be taken care of when it comes to the spring. In particular, if you want them to grow and get bigger, you have to ensure that they have space to do this. They might mean buying new plant pots that are a bigger size. This allows the root to spread out and for the plant to thrive.

Therefore, consider the size and depth of the plant pots. Something else you want to make sure they have is drainage holes. This is essential for allowing the plant to breathe and it avoids overwatering since the water can drain out the bottom. Dejex is the famous wholesale plant pot supplier in UK, which is going to provide a cost-effective way to get everything you need. You can buy in bulk and save money. 

Buy a Fertiliser

Do you really want to encourage your plants to grow in the nice weather? Spring is a great time of month since your plants can enjoy the sunshine, as well as the moisture in the air. What’s more, the occasional showers mean that you do not have to water your plants all the time. But, there is something else you can do too to give your plants a head start. We are talking about adding a fertiliser to the soil.

There are many different fertilisers you can buy. They all have one thing in common. They can help your plants grow, providing them with the nutrients they need. This is particularly true if they are missing from the soil. If you are willing to use the fertiliser on a regular basis throughout spring and summer, you can buy a liquid or fast-release product. Alternatively, if you would rather only one or two applications through the year, consider a slow-releasing product.

Prune the Shrubs

Another task that you want to start in the spring is pruning any shrubs you have. This is a good time to get rid of any dead branches there are, as well as troublesome areas that have emerged during the winter. When you cut and prune the shrubs, this makes space and encourages new growth.

If you are not sure of the best ways to prune and trim shrubs, make sure that you do the research first. The last thing you want to do is cut away parts of the shrubs that are not going to grow back. For example, for some types, you are not supposed to cut the top, or you can damage them.

Check the Irrigation

Do you have an irrigation system in place for your plants? Perhaps you already have sprinklers installed, and this is a good way to make sure that all of your plants get watered on a regular basis. Well, since they have been out of use during the winter, you are going to have to check them and ensure they are still working properly. This means that you want to replace any hoses or anything that might have been damaged.

In addition, always run your irrigation system and check for leaks. This ensures that plants are getting the water they need and that no problems are going on. If there are any issues, you are going to be able to fix them now so that you can run the irrigation system when it gets very warm in the summer, and plants need more water. So, check it all over and fix any issues if they exist.

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