Gardenia Rodriguez’s Story Shines Amidst The Growing Buzz For The Urban Genre

Musicians consistently express their love of music in heartwarming, personal ways. Whether they are playing it, listening to it, or simply thinking about it, their musical passion is tangible. One of the most satisfying musical experiences many musicians have is the story of how they met their respective music perspectives. For many, cultural music resonates with their soul and ignites a fire within them.

Gardenia Rodriguez’s story is no different. Gardenia not only spoke about meeting her music perspective but also about the years of hard work and dedication that enabled them to make it together. Gardenia’s interest in music began when she was invited to participate in a surprise song entitled “Gardenia,” where they were part of El Taiger, Gardenia Design, Retrahtos, Dayran & El Happy, Srta Dayana, Haila, Baby Lores, El Pocho, Molton, Alex Duvall, Alexander Abreu Habana de Primera, Luis Sanchez, composed by Stephhhany & Acidic Geo produced by Frank Pal. This unforgetful memory for Gardenia was the beginning of a beautiful musical love affair.

She has devoted herself to music with complete focus and passion. This passion stirred her motivation to enter the field as a musician, which led her to expand her Gardenia Design Project to a more robust platform that would enable her Gardenia Design project to reach a greater audience. Gardenia is steadily making a mark in the entertainment industry. Throughout her musical career, she faced many challenges to rise above the failures and reach the top. Working alongside her family and with the support of her creative team, Gardenia’s musical path became her life to live and music to breathe. Her collaborations with top artists such as Gente de Zona and Laura Pausini are just a few of the visual proof of her success.

Gardenia continues to make history, and her future is exploding with possibilities. Gardenia is an artist who has proven that passion, hard work, gracefulness, and determination have no limits, especially in music. The Viña del Mar 2018 festival was proud and honored to have Gardenia Rodriguez as a catalyst in the entertainment industry. She also joined in with the artist Gente de Zona to present the design of Jewelry at the 2018 festival.

The urban genre, which holds the power to change the world and reach a wider audience, is also common among musicians. As this genre became more popular, artists began to produce music with a broader appeal. She has shown the world that the urban genre isn’t just the music of minorities but a universal genre for everyone. With her continuous efforts, Gardenia opened the doors to people who had not entered this industry. Her project has enabled everyone to enter music without worrying about cultural stereotypes or prejudice.

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