GamoVation’s Mahjong Club Game Receives Positive Feedback from Players Worldwide

Mahjong Club Game

The efforts of the team at GamoVation to deliver an amazing experience to gaming enthusiasts in different parts of the world seem to be yielding the desired results judging by the reviews greeting their Mahjong Club Game. The game is currently available on Google Play and the App Store for users of Android and iOS devices, with immersive gameplay that has attracted it to thousands of people worldwide.

Trends In The Global Mobile Gaming Industry

The global gaming industry has witnessed tremendous growth over the years, as more people across age groups use their devices to catch fun on-the-go. A recent report published on Yahoo Finance revealed that the global mobile gaming market was valued at $95.448 billion in 2019. Experts have also projected the market size to reach $420.386 billion by 2026, driven by growing smartphone penetration and technology advancement as well as the increasing adoption of trending technologies for games development. Unfortunately, the increasing adoption of mobile gaming and the emergence of several developers have not necessarily translated into satisfaction for gamers. However, GamoVation has been able to change this narrative as substantiated by the reviews for their Mahjong Club Game.

Features of The Mahjong Club – Solitaire Game

The Mahjong Club is designed as a challenging Mahjong solitaire game that brings the true feeling of the age-long game to players. It has a captivating interface and gameplay that includes matching identical tiles to remove from the board. The puzzle is solved by removing all tiles, with players having more than 5,000 levels to complete.

In addition to the over 5,000 free board setups, auto exciting features of the game include beautiful landscapes as backgrounds, Auto Fit, customizable score system, no timer no pressure, mahjong combo points, stars & time, no score system, high scores, and personal statistics, and on and off sound modes. The game can also be played offline without an internet connection and players can join a club, play and chat together, with simple pick-up-and-play controls for an immersive experience.

Gameplay Of Mahjong Club

The mahjong board has pairs of tiles that are dealt at random, with a maximum number of 144 tiles. The goal is to find pairs and match, with the matched pair removed from the mahjong board.  When all tiles are removed from the board, the player completes the level and subsequently unlocks the next. The player can use a booster when finding it difficult to complete a mahjong puzzle. While players can enjoy their favorite puzzle game offline, playing online delivers the best experience.

Feedback From Mahjong Club Players

The game has continued to enjoy amazing feedback from players.

I love the game very much. My only problem is that I don’t understand the score system. When I complete a game without any shuffles, I sometimes get a lower score than when I got stuck and have to shuffle. Also when I shuffle once or twice in a game the comment is: outstanding! Perfect! etc. But when I have a real perfect round with no shuffles, the comment is just: Nice. Does it matter how long I take to finish a game?” 

-Blessed One XXX.

The Mahjong Club – Solitaire Game can be found in the App Store and on Google Play, where it continues to receive accolades across the globe.

For further information about The Mahjong Club – Solitaire Game and to join the thousands of people in different parts of the world to enjoy the exciting gameplay, visit – and YouTube.

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