Gaming That Brings Money: Interview with CEO of IQeon

With blockchain gaming industry being on the rise, the increasing number of companies are striving to capture and convey the value of their offerings through the ecosystem approach – a new form of all-in-one crypto and gaming services developed under the umbrella of blockchain technology. The blockchain gaming industry is a very hot market that is currently slightly short of $1,5 billion, but expected to grow to more than 50 billion in 2025. Now, proliferating the media space, games on blockchain seek to reach a new apogee thanks to the involvement of such massively celebrated projects like Axie infinity, Enjin and Sandbox  – to mention only a few

While seeking to gain a deeper insight into this growing trend, I approached Vadim Dovguchits, the СЕО of IQeon – a platform that helps gamers to earn valuable rewards through its unique P2E model. Together, we discussed how blockchain is changing the gaming industry, and the way IQeon contributes to that. 

1. How can you briefly describe IQeon platform to those who are not familiar with the blockchain gaming ecosystem concept? is a PvP gaming platform with the ability to monetize game achievements. It presents a large selection of different games. Several modes are available to players: single training, free single or multiplayer competitions. As a reward for the best result in a match, users receive IQN tokens. In-game currencies are converted into IQN tokens, which players can exchange for various digital assets on cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

2. What is the ultimate mission of IQeon? And why do you believe that your ecosystem approach will bring value to the gamers?

Our mission is to empower users to develop their intelligence and motivate them in a right way.

Our ultimate goal is to cover the entire gaming development and monetization cycle, and we strive to create an innovative ecosystem that combines the opportunities for the development of intellectual abilities based on entertainment components and their monetization.

3. How does IQeon manage to turn the gaming achievements into the monetary value reflected by IQN?

The ecosystem uses blockchain technology that, unlike gaming platforms, has a comprehensive nature, that is, it allows you to quickly perform many operations and be available to a wide range of users. Since the blockchain was originally created for operations with cryptocurrencies, its initial function allows the user to pay for games on the online platform. 

4. What makes IQeon distinct from similar projects inflowing the space?

The uniqueness of the project is that we strive to create a global ecosystem that covers gaming and financial areas. The user is offered a catalog of games of various genres, a reward for motivation, in the form of game tokens that can be converted into IQN tokens and exchanged for other digital assets using exchange that is part of the IQeon ecosystem, as well as store digital assets and make transactions using a proprietary crypto wallet. That is, we do not leave the user alone, but provide him with a rich variety of possibilities within the framework of a united ecosystem.

5. Would you be able to break down the tokenomics of IQN, your native asset?

IQN is based on the Ethereum blockchain and is compliant to ERC-20 standard. It guarantees the maximum compatibility of our token with third-party services (wallets, exchanges, listings, etc.), and also provides easy integration with dApps.

At the moment, all IQN tokens (5.4 million) are in free circulation. The asset is represented in the leading ratings of CoinMarketCap, Coingecko and in all popular applications and services for storing and transferring digital currencies.

Smart contract confirmed by IQN ERC-20:


6. In your opinion, what is the best place to acquire $IQN token?

You can easily acquire IQN tokens at EXMO, BITFOREX, HITBTC and cryptocurrency exchanges. You can also earn it on the platform for being active in games and participating in contests.

7. I’m highly intrigued to find out more about the roadmap for IQeon ecosystem. Could you tell more about that?

Sure, here is our plan for the nearest future

Q4 2021 – Updating the design of the website, preparing marketing activities. Review and update of legal documents, White Paper and roadmap.

Q1 2022 – Large-scale marketing campaign to attract new users to existing products. Listing IQN on cryptocurrency exchanges from the TOP-10 CoinMarketCap.

Q2 2022 – transition to another blockchain. Creating a “bridge” for conducting IQN transactions between blockchains.

Q3 2022 – Release of the alpha version of the cryptocurrency exchange. Release of the mobile app of the exchange. Expansion of the blockchain token network.

8. I heard that in near future $IQN token will be used not only on IQeon platform but inside the network of partnership services? Is it true?

Yes, that’s right, the IQN token is already being used for conversion on exchanges with many other assets. We strive to strengthen our position in the media space and constant exchange of experience. Therefore we have already concluded many partnerships, and are always ready for mutually beneficial cooperation.

9. How far are you planning to take the $IQN token in terms of exchange listing? Seems like you have already done some work in that field.  

We are currently listed on the following cryptocurrency exchanges – EXMO, BITFOREX, HITBTC. And it’s just the beginning as we are planning to enter into a partnership and conduct a listing on the platforms from the TOP-10 CoinMarketCap.

10.  How do you see the future of the industry unfolding – what’s next on the blockchain gaming horizon?

Blockchain technology brings significant changes to the previous gaming paradigm. With the help of the blockchain, gamers can play not only for fun, but, thanks to their gaming achievements, start earning highly valued cryptocurrencies.

Combining this earning potential with the entertainment value of online gaming could transform the gaming sector into a huge economy in which people make a living playing full time.

We are also making our contribution to the development of this trend, with the planned launch of several more projects that will also raise interest among users and will help to motivate them even more to improve their gaming skills.

To help the user improve their gaming skills, as well as to use the earned capital as productively as possible, it is planned to implement Artificial intelligence within the ecosystem, which will guide the user, suggesting the right decisions in both gaming and financial directions.

The IQN token itself, as the main part of the entire ecosystem, will help users set ambitious goals for their intellectual development as well as valuable reward and achieve them.

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