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Gaming Laptop Market Impacted by COVID-19, Market to Remain Dormant in Near Term, Projects FMI 2022 -2032

During the projection period, it is predicted that the gaming laptop market will grow at a CAGR of about 4.5 percent. The market is currently valued at US$ 11859.39 million, and by 2032, it is anticipated to reach US$ 18417.27 million.
The demand for gaming laptops has increased in the age of computer gaming.

Attributes Details
Gaming Laptop Market CAGR 4.5%
Gaming Laptop Market Size (2022) US$ 11859.39 Mn
Gaming Laptop Market Size (2032) US$ 18417.27 Mn

Customers want gadgets with high-level gaming performance. To meet the increased demand for gaming laptops, manufacturers are also creating and introducing the most cutting-edge models to the market.

To make the gaming laptops portable, they are also working to lighten their weight. Gaming laptops are heavy due to the robust gaming hardware, which is capable of high processing speed and power as well as the cooling systems needed.

On the other hand, professional video gamers compete in the burgeoning worldwide eSports business. The need for gaming laptops, rising esports involvement, and increasing digital platforms are all expected to drive significant growth in gaming laptop sales over the next few years.

Which are the Key Dynamics Contributing to the Growth of the Gaming Laptop Market?

Significant advancements have been made in gaming, mobile, and esports platforms during the past few years. The worldwide esports market is already a million-dollar industry, and during the forecast period, it is expected to more than treble.

As more businesses, athletes, fans, and investors enter the esports market. The growing interest in and engagement in esports has created a big opportunity for businesses to market their goods. The market for gaming laptops is expected to expand shortly due to an increase in the number of professional gamers in developing nations.

Additionally, major companies in the gaming laptop market are concentrating on expanding their market reach by joining e-commerce platforms to make gaming laptops available to customers worldwide.

However, the short battery life of gaming laptops in comparison to regular laptops and a slowdown in the world economy as a result of trade tensions between the US and China are some of the concerns that may prevent gaming laptop sales.

What is the Regional Outlook for the Gaming Laptop Market?

During the projected period, it is anticipated that the gaming laptop market would expand significantly in every region. North America, Europe, Latin America, East Asia, South Asia, Oceania, and the Middle East & Africa are the seven primary regions that make up the gaming laptop market.

Due to consumers’ high adoption of portable personal computers and gaming laptops for video game play, together with the expanding trend of collegiate competitive video gaming, North America is anticipated to lead the global market for gaming laptops, followed by Europe.

Due to the rising popularity of gaming laptops among consumers in big cities and small towns, as well as the rise of professional e-sports players in developing nations like India, the market for gaming laptops in South and East Asia is predicted to grow at a solid CAGR during the forecast period.

In the upcoming years, MEA is projected to have a lucrative potential in the global gaming laptop market as businesses introduce affordable gaming laptops with cutting-edge features to appeal to the region’s middle-class consumers.

Who are the Key Players in the Gaming Laptop Market?

Some of the key players operating in the global gaming laptop market are AsusTek Computer Inc., Micro-Star International Co., Ltd, Razer Inc., Acer Inc., Lenovo Group Limited, The Hewlett-Packard Company, Dell Technologies Inc., Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd., Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., ORIGIN PC Corp., AORUS Pte. Ltd., Clevo Corporation, EVGA Corporation, and others.

Global Gaming Laptop Market: Key Developments

  • AsusTek Computer Inc. focuses on increasing its market share to 50% in the Indian gaming laptop market along with expanding its retail footprint to 200 stores by the end of 2019.
  • Additionally, the company is also targeting to grow its market share from 11% to 15% in the consumer laptops business segment in the Indian market.

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