Gamified Virtual Hotel Experience, Bit Hotel Allows You to Own Rooms and Earn Real Money

Virtual Hotel NFT

Crypto based games have come a long way since the first iterations came out a few years ago. Today, these are turning the gaming industry around with their unique Play to Earn application. Bit Hotel takes this to another level by providing players not only a gaming experience but to have ownership of the different rooms within the hotel.

The impact is significant, with more than a million dollars worth of virtual estate up for grabs, the metaverse hotel is making waves in the industry.

Of Rooms and Games

Sculpted with a beautifully crafted retro 8-bit look, the nostalgic hotel is designed to invoke memories of early, low-end graphic games that dared to explore the different appeals to their players. But Bit Hotel is not just a simple iteration of age-old games. It takes it into the 21st century by basing the whole game on blockchain and employing in-game tokens and NFTs.

Each room within the hotel, be it the common rooms or the ones for its patrons, is an NFT. This means that players who access the platform have a chance to buy and gain complete ownership of their rooms. Each room acts like a chatroom, where other players can join in and chat both text and voice on different topics of interest.

Furthermore, there are several minigames that can be played. Winning rounds of the minigames give the participants Bit Hotel Coins, the in-game tokens of the meta hotel. These coins can be used to invest in different NFT based assets such as characters, furniture and much more. Another advantage of the Bit Hotel Coins is that since these are crypto assets, players have the option to use these outside the hotel too, even swapping these on exchanges and eventually, cashing out for real money.

Why Play Bit Hotel?

For people who are heavily into gaming, the question can seem logical. Yet, Bit Hotel has a few characteristics that set it apart from mainstream gaming.

As already said before, Bit Hotel is a Play to Earn game. Unlike traditional games where players have to initially buy the game and after playing a bit, have to invest more to either unlock stages or play DLCs, Bit Hotel offers its patrons the advantage of earning by winning different minigames. The in-game tokens can then be used to buy the different NFTs available such as hotel rooms and other items. These items can increase in value over time to offer profits. Alternatively, the in-game tokens can be cashed out for real money.

Users can also socialize within the game, allowing them to interact with like-minded people, creating a platform that goes beyond gaming. Bit Hotel will also be offering a relationship mode, where two or more people can virtually define in-game relations. Being in a relationship will provide people with different advantages in the hotel and its games.

Then there is the staking option, allowing for a possibility to invest in different operations and facilities of the hotel and earn a portion of the rewards when other players use these.

With a catchy theme and millions of dollars worth of virtual in the shape of hotel rooms which can be bought, Bit Hotel offers people to enter not only the metaverse but invest in a rising phenomenon that has captured a global audience.

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