Gamestarter Closes an Oversubscribed $2M Private Round Led by DAO Maker and Top Blockchain Investors

Top Blockchain Investors

Gamestarter officially announced the closure of their fundraising rounds with over $2 Million USD raised through private sales. The round was led by popular IDO launchpad DAO Maker and other Blockchain VC stalwarts like AC capital, AngelONE, Evangelion Capital, AU21, Shima Capital, Coincurb, Kyros Ventures, MGNR and X21 Capital.

Gamestarter began as an idea to bring about a change in the gaming industry. Today, this idea is on the cusp of fomenting a revolution and bringing in a new standard for indie game funding. This has been possible because of the belief of their supporters who shared the same vision of creating an NFT-based crowdfunding platform & marketplace. 

Decentralized Indie Game Fundraising

The gaming industry has long been plagued by big-name conglomerates hogging the limelight, interspersed with indie developers struggling to bring their ideas to life. Although crowdfunding models and token sales have been utilized by developers, both models have severe limitations and higher risks. Gamestarter’s mission is to transform this by building a fundraising marketplace powered by NFTs.

Gamestarter lets indie games fundraise by selling digital game items as liquid NFTs. The company adds liquidity, player-ownership, and new funding resources to the largest entertainment industry in the world. 

Their NFT marketplace is powered by Gamestarter’s token “GAME”. This will give holders premium access to the marketplace, exclusive trading discounts to NFTs, and access to playable NFTs of the hottest indie games. 

Backed by Top Partners in the Industry

DAO Maker creates growth technologies and funding frameworks for startups, while simultaneously reducing risks for investors. One of the most reputable and successful launchpads for startups in the crypto industry, DAO Maker goes above and beyond regular marketing/fundraising efforts to ensure a project’s success.

DAO Maker has been a pillar of support for Gamestarter since day 1; helping roll out all of the features needed to create a successful platform, as well as providing marketing support and community building efforts. DAO Maker prides itself on being a Venture Capital avenue re-created for the masses, and their investment thesis closely aligns with our goals. They believe their support has been instrumental in ensuring the go-to-market launch moves at warp speed, and they will have played a crucial part in whatever success Gamestarter goes on to achieve henceforth. 

Investment Partners

Numerous other reputed blockchain VCs have decided to back the Gamestarter project, supporting them through various avenues. Some include:

AC Capital

An investment venture focusing on Blockchain and Fintech. Committed to discovering unicorns and boosting their development.


AngelONE capital is a fund that mainly focuses on future blockchain and cutting-edge new tech. It enjoys an outstanding investment portfolio of Polkadot, TheGraph, Litentry, OasisLabs, and more.

Evangelion Capital

Evangelion functions as an incubator and a backer for the most promising ventures in the blockchain industry. From humble origins as traders on shady exchanges back when Bitcoin was in three digits, Evangelion has organically grown into a respected investor with an in-depth knowledge of blockchain and the various marketing facets of the industry.

AU21 Capital

A hybrid venture and hedge fund that invests in high-growth blockchain and AI companies and backs the most brilliant founders in the blockchain.

Shima Capital

A global investment fund focused on supporting cutting-edge blockchain startups. Backed by some of the top crypto exchanges, Shima Capital is a native blockchain investor with traditional VC experience and a deep network in Silicon Valley and Asia.


CoinCurb is the front page of Crypto. One of the leading media portals in the crypto space, CoinCurb also offers a range of marketing and advertising services, apart from being an investor and media partner for leading blockchain projects. 

Kyros Ventures

Kyros Ventures is a conglomerate of the largest and most influential entities in the Vietnamese Blockchain industry. Kyros Ventures is a pioneer in incubating early stage blockchain and cryptocurrency projects in Vietnam. It is built upon the solid foundation of Coin68.


MGNR is a systematic proprietary trading firm that uses innovative quantitative research and rigorous engineering to capture trading opportunities around the globe 24/7/365. They have deep domain expertise across the cryptocurrency space and are supportive seed / early-stage investors to a number of successful founders/projects.

X21 Capital

X21 Digital is a Blockchain Advisory and Investment firm dedicated to helping mainly blockchain startups accelerate their growth and exposure in the industry. They focus on giving the most optimal strategic advice and guidance, to shortcut our client’s and partners’ paths to success.

Gamestarter will soon have their public sale through Strong Holder Offering (SHO) on DAO Maker. It promises to be one of the most anticipated events in the crypto calendar this year.

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