GameFi for Good: Social Contribution Gamification

GameFi for Good: Social Contribution Gamification

Digital Entertainment Asset (DEA) enters strategic partnership to develop a game that incentivizes real-world contributions to society

One of the most interesting innovations being explored in the Web3 world is the ability to use blockchain-based rewards as incentives for creating positive change. This can be readily seen in various apps that promote personal health and in projects that reward the creation and maintenance of the Web3 movement as a whole. It can also be seen across DeFi, where liquidity providers are rewarded for supporting a decentralized finance economy.

Global NFT gaming company Digital Entertainment Asset (DEA), operator of the PlayMining GameFi platform, is now taking steps to bring this concept to Web3 gaming with the goal of benefiting actual real-life communities. DEA will collaborate on a Play-to-Earn (P2E) NFT game that rewards players for patrolling and inspecting aging public facilities and infrastructure in towns that understaffed government organizations are incapable of servicing on their own.

To make this happen, DEA has entered into a strategic partnership with Greenway Grid Global (GGG), a venture backed in part by Tokyo Electric Power Grid Co. (TEPCO PG). Primarily an investment and incubation venture that supports overseas power transmission and distribution and infrastructure development, GGG’s core focus is bringing electric power and water to communities in Asia that lack electricity.

Rewarding Social Contributions Through the Power of Web3

Crypto-rewarded social contributions may be the next wave of Web3 innovation, and seem to be a perfect fit for GameFi. It’s the perfect combination: a fun video game that players can enjoy, which incentivizes real-world action that creates value for society, and rewards players with cryptocurrency that can improve their financial situation.

DEA’s PlayMining GameFi platform hosts a number of P2E NFT games including JobTribes, Cookin’ Burger, Menya Dragon Ramen, Graffiti Racer and Lucky Farmer. All of these games reward players with DEAPcoin ($DEP) tokens through play, which can be traded on popular exchanges or sold directly back to DEA. The tokens can also be spent on the PlayMining NFT marketplace, which sells NFTs that can be used in the games, often in ways that increase the players’ abilities to earn more DEP.

This new social contribution game that DEA is making with GGG will use NFTs, too. In specific, it will incorporate an ‘Electric Power Asset’ NFT collection launched by GGG and TEPCO PG. Modeled after TEPCO’s ‘Transmission Tower’ physical trading card collection that shows off images of the company’s power infrastructure, the NFTs will also have intrinsic value as part of a P2E game.

Gamification of social good initiatives is in line with DEA’s vision to “solve real-world problems through P2E gaming,” according to DEA CSO Tatsuya Kohrogi. The company’s co-founder and co-CEO Naohito Yoshida also said that DEA is devoted to social good campaigns, with many charitable and social good projects underway.

For example, the company is taking steps to promote social good in Southeast Asia (SEA) — a region where the median monthly minimum wage is only US$300 and P2E gaming is really taking off as a means to earn supplemental income. DEA has a partnership with Yield Guild Games Southeast Asia (YGG SEA) to onboard the PlayMining game catalog to YGG SEA’s platform. PlayMining supports “scholarship” for their games, a scheme in which new players can borrow NFTs to get started in a P2E gaming. Since December 2021, DEA has reported over 9,300 JobTribes “scholars” earned over US$4.7 million, with some covering their entire monthly living expenses through their earnings. PlayMining also co-hosted a food drive in a disadvantaged Indonesian community last year and is currently taking part in an agricultural project in the Philippines.

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