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Creators can now earn income by posting content and live-streaming on Game Jolt

A social media platform for Gen Z, Game Jolt, announced a unique way for creators on the app to monetize their content.

Users on the app and website complete challenges called quests to collect digital stickers and charges which represent a percentage of Game Jolt’s revenue earned from ads. When charged stickers are placed on creators’ posts and streams, they can then be withdrawn from creators’ virtual wallets as legitimate funds.

“I have spent the majority of this year chatting with creators from every platform and it’s frustrating to see industry leaders take advantage of creators by selling their content to advertisers and not sharing the revenue generated. Major platforms are hiding content by creators from the creator’s own audience. That is not okay,” explained Yaprak DeCarmine, CEO of Game Jolt. “On Game Jolt, fans can support their favorite creators, and content from the creators they subscribe to will never be hidden from their feeds.”

Platforms that use a traditional ad revenue model pay a creator based solely on the number of views generated by said creator’s content, causing fears of demonetization. Other platforms such as Twitter don’t even share revenue, and instead are moving to make small creators pay for visibility and verification. Conversely, Game Jolt will be sharing revenue generated from the entirety of the platform with its creators.

“Our goal is to build lasting relationships between creators and their followers. To do that, we’re putting revenue in the hands of users in a gamified and fun way that encourages authentic interactions,” added DeCarmine.

Game Jolt began testing the private program with a cohort of hand-selected creators that have between 50K to 2M followers on platforms like Twitch, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. After over 700 influencers applied to join the beta in October, 18 streamers, artists, cake designers, crocheters, game developers and musicians were the first to monetize across the platform. Creators share everything from gameplay streams to Minecraft memes, Pokemon amigurumi, Five Nights at Freddy’s fan games, and cakes decorated with characters from Among Us.

While users have been fleeing to other social networks from Elon Musk’s Twitter, Game Jolt has experienced a surge of new signups with a 50% increase in the month of November 2022 across their mobile, web, and desktop applications. Creators on the app describe it as a receptive and welcoming place to share their creations.

“The Game Jolt community as a whole is pretty active and exuberant,” says Erbmaster, a visual artist and creator on the platform. “Game Jolt is organized into smaller specialized communities which makes it easier to find an audience for different kinds of art or fandoms, unlike other platforms where you kinda just post into the void and hope it reaches someone who is interested in seeing it.”

As we head into 2023, Game Jolt plans to add more opportunities for content creators to earn income on their platform in addition to earning ad revenue with charged stickers.

Creators can learn more about earning revenue on Game Jolt here. 

About Game Jolt

Game Jolt is a creator-focused platform revolutionizing social media with immersive virtual experiences and interactive content. Available as a website, mobile, and desktop app; Game Jolt allows a global community of creators from artists, streamers, musicians, developers, writers, game studios, and fandoms to build and monetize their audiences. Unique streams, art, music, photos, videos, and games are all shared by the millions who call Game Jolt their online home.

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