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Galilee Life provides a marketplace for small business owners


Galilee Life provides a marketplace for small business owners to sell handmade, digital, and retail products.


Galilee Life is an e-commerce, multi-vendor platform that began its journey in 2018. This company provides users with a platform for reaching their fullest potential, while simultaneously fulfilling a God-given mission. They connect buyers and sellers globally as a place to sell and build relationships online. Their main aim is to empower and equip them to become confident about their business growth. They help create an environment where the customers and the sellers can experience the love of the Almighty. 


If you are a small business owner and are looking for a marketplace to sell handmade, retail, including gently worn items, digital work, recipes, online courses and more, then this marketplace is ideal for you.


The business motto of this company revolves around God, who is incomparable to anything else in this world. The founder, Neivis Paulino, started Galilee Life because she felt the need for genuine connection in the business world. She understood that there was a vast disconnection in the world of business. People were keeping God away by saying that business and God do not go together. This is a myth, and Neivis Paulino, as founder and CEO of this company wanted to highlight that business cannot be started without consulting the Almighty. No decisions can be made without praying to God and without being led by Him. How will entrepreneurs face inevitable troubles that arise in the business world without God’s direction? 


Galilee Life knows that its vendors will prosper so long as they put in their best effort in the business. The small business owners who form a part of the platform follow God’s guidance and leadership in fulfilling their dreams and aspirations.


In this marketplace, vendors can sell hundreds of products in different categories and earn money for used clothing and others.


The team at Galilee Life creates devotionals that aid in touching the lives of others and reaching souls yearning for God’s love, worldwide. They have sent over 300 handwritten prayer cards and encouraging gifts via email. More than 500 prayer requests via email have been answered from different countries globally. 


Be it online or offline, the company wants millions of people to connect on this marketplace to make, sell, and purchase different kinds of goods. Apart from this, they want people to find God in everything. 


Galilee Life also offers an excellent range of vendor tools and services that help creative entrepreneurs to begin, manage and scale their businesses. 


The vendors can start selling at $7 a month. Some of the advantages of selling in this Christian marketplace are:

– The vendor does not have to pay listing fees.

– There is no commission on sales.

– One can get flexible shipping options.

Safe and secure payment options are available.

– There is no waiting period for receiving payments.

– Direct friendly and comforting support via email


Galilee Life’s customer service is extremely efficient and is always available to guide the vendors and their customers. 


The mission of this company is to restore the dreams and hopes of small business owners. They want to help attain financial stability, while promoting mental and emotional wellness, as well. 


Galilee Life wants to continue developing a holistic community that focuses more on the heart and cultivating business relationships, all through God’s power.


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Media Contact

Business Name: Galilee Life

Contact Person: Neivis Paulino



City : Wyckoff

State : NJ

Country: United States

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