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Galactica Network’s Cypher State Campaign Paves the Way for Web3 Transformation

Galactica Network's Cypher State Campaign Paves the Way for Web3 Transformation

June 8, 2023Galactica Network launches the Cypher State growth program to promote its protocol and attract early adopters. With the release of its DevNet, Galactica Network aims to disrupt the industry and empower its community. The Cypher State offers rewards based on engagement levels through tasks like social media interaction, content creation, referrals, and participating in discussions on Twitter Spaces.

With the recent release of its DevNet, Galactica Network is poised to disrupt the industry and empower its rapidly growing community.

The Cypher State initiative introduces a tiered framework that encourages active participation, and offers escalating rewards based on engagement levels. It provides collaborators with a range of tasks that promote interaction with Galactica Network’s broader ecosystem. Tasks include following Galactica Network’s official social media channels, generating content that relates to the network, referring friends to join, engaging in discussions held on Twitter Spaces, and more. Each task contributes to a participant’s progress within the program and offers its own unique advantages.

Benefits include:

  1. Galactica Network Citizenship (GNC): Successful participants can earn access to the first wave of GNC passes. Holding a GNC pass grants a range of benefits, including:
    1. Universal Basic Income (UBI): GNC pass holders will receive Universal Basic Income payments, distributed in a quadratic manner to benefit early adopters. This allows participants to passively earn rewards based on their level of involvement and contribution to the network.
    2. Running a Galactica Network Validator: GNC pass holders will have the privilege to run a Galactica Network Validator. This role involves validating transactions and securing the network while earning additional rewards.
    3. Governance: GNC pass holders gain the right to actively contribute in meritocratic decision-making processes across the network, propose and vote on protocol upgrades, and shape our decentralized future.
  2. Early Access: Participants gain preferential access to in-development features and tools. This includes access to DevNet/Testnet phases, allowing select candidates to experience and provide feedback on the platform’s advancements.
  3. Exclusives: Participants will enjoy various program-specific raffles, competitions, and exclusive incentives. These range from unique rewards to special privileges within the Galactica Network.
  4. NFTs: Participants will receive exclusive NFTs that represent their active participation in the different phases of the program. These NFTs serve as a symbol of their commitment to shaping the future of the Cypher State.


“Our goal with the Cypher State campaign is to demonstrate what’s attainable with our advanced DeSoc stack – what hasn’t been possible with trivial DAO primitives we’ve had before. Advancing through the campaign allows becoming Galactica Citizen earlier, thus earning progressively higher $GNET rewards. It’s similar to a retroactive airdrop, but is much more nuanced and finally based on merit, not inflated transaction metrics.”

  • Mark Berger, co-founder of Galactica Network

Join the Cypher State and become part of a visionary community dedicated to forging the future of Web3. To learn more about the campaign and its benefits join Galactica Network’s Discord.

About Galactica Network

Galactica Network is a Layer 1 protocol built with the Cosmos SDK. It leverages zero-knowledge cryptography and persistent identities to ensure compliant privacy and Sybil resistance. Its tech stack enables unique use cases, such as undercollateralized lending, and merit-based governance that ensures the platform’s decision-making processes are guided by user contributions, expertise, and reputation. Galactica Network is dedicated to fostering a decentralized society and creating a web3 ecosystem that empowers individuals and institutions alike.

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