GainPool Set to Revolutionize DeFi Industry through a Unique Project Vision and Methodologies

DeFi Industry

Decentralized finance (DeFi) projects in the blockchain ecosystem have been using models that exclude many retail investors for far too long. This is set to change as GainPool prepares to enter the market.

While the traditional way of raising capital gave priority to individuals and entities with solid financial muscles, the DeFi philosophy lets each eligible individual participate in these offerings. 

But the elephant in the room is that many DeFi projects are still centrally controlled, which locks out the participation of many individuals. In most cases, participants in such projects have internal information that gives them an upper hand. And this goes against the spirit of decentralization, whose intention is to accelerate financial inclusion. 

Fortunately, GainPool has come to level the playing field. Are you wondering what GainPool is? Please keep reading to find out how this decentralized application (Dapp) stands out from the others.

About GainPool

GainPool is an in-house decentralized platform that intends to provide financial independence and inclusion for the masses. The platform enables retail investors to access token sales at the initial stages of fundraising of blockchain-based projects.  This is a powerful differentiator in the market.

With a team of investors, thought leaders, and innovators, the GainPool project intends to deliver an accommodating DeFi platform that takes the Industry to the next level. The project aims to provide  highly vetted projects to the community. 

How GainPool is different from other projects

Blockchain technology has spawned multiple DeFi projects. However, most of these programs lack tactics and technologies for delivering satisfactory results to investors. The good news is that GainPool is different and aims at offering great value to its users.  Some of the key elements that make GainPool stand out include:

  • Longer-term investment view: GainPool’s strategy focuses on the long-term view for project focus just like many investors in the venture capital market.  
  • Robust industry-driven connections: GainPool delivers excellent linkages to relevant partners powerful strategies, and essential help along with the  funding support for the curated projects.
  • Noteworthy perks: GainPool uses a heuristic approach to support projects regardless of their stage in development.
  • Matchless: Many funding and launchpad projects have been started on the blockchain. However, such projects have a narrow scope and may not offer comprehensive solutions catering to retail users. Furthermore, such platforms may have good intentions of providing their services at an affordable rate. But as time goes on, the token price goes up, and the whole program becomes a game of whales. Luckily, GainPool addresses this particular pain point of the industry. 
  • Focus on research: GainPool conducts extensive research to discover high-quality projects worthy of focused investment. GainPool procures allocation for $Gain token holders once the team finds the most anticipated projects that provides value to the ecosystem. 
  • Impeccable bargaining power: Through its highly experienced professionals, GainPool negotiates at the early project stages with the founders. These negotiations aim to get the best rate per token for $GAIN token holders.
  • Participation can be through various platforms: Community members can participate early on through multiple platforms in the GainPool ecosystems.
  • Rewards for $GAIN holders: rewards come in various forms, such as airdrops and contests.  
  • In house mechanism: GainPool takes advantage of the in-house mechanism to offer an assured allocation with affordable staking expense. The project’s primary focus is the quality of the $GAIN token as opposed to the quantity.

Project team

GainPool’s vision is to deliver high value for $GAIN token holders through its highly experienced team of professionals. The team is comprised of cryptocurrency professionals, professionals in the venture finance industry, and tech thought leaders. Each team member will apply their skills and experience to generate sizeable value into the project.

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