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Content marketing

The goal of every SEO activity is directing traffic and potential customers to your website – but wouldn’t it be better to do both of these things at the very same time? With quality content marketing, you can reach your desired audience, persuade them to visit your website and buy your products, and increase the SEO ratings simultaneously!

The advantages of content marketing

Content marketing – is all about publishing high-quality content on valuable websites. We call them valuable because they offer both great SEO benefits for those who publish on them but are also characterized by a large number of unique users visiting them daily. By choosing to publish on them, you can direct some of that traffic to your website, where you advertise your services. Taking into account the fact that you can choose websites that cover your niche or industry, it’s an excellent way of reaching a broad audience and letting them know about your offer.

Normally, finding such websites, which are both thematically related and valuable in terms of SEO, would be a very time-consuming activity. You’d need to first narrow down a number of such websites, then analyze them, and finally get in contact to discuss the details of publishing one by one… who needs that? It’s much better to just leave it in the hands of professionals who do all that on a daily basis and give you a ready product. That’s exactly the point of the WhitePress content marketing platform. It’s a platform that offers over 44,000 websites to publish on with one click of your mouse. All of them are catalogued in a very intuitive and easy-to-navigate panel, allowing you to find out everything you need to know within seconds!

What’s even better, the WhitePress content marketing platform allows you to filter by a specific factor that you’re interested in – be it price for publication, SEO score, traffic, or anything else. And to make matters even more customer-friendly, you don’t even need to have a post to publish – their team of dedicated, native-speaking copywriters is waiting for your orders. They can write about literally anything, and you can trust that the content will not only be engaging and easy to read but will also meet the most strict SEO standards.

Advertise on any global market

Whether you’re interested in conquering the English-speaking audience or are planning your expansion in different markets, WhitePress is the place to go. Their range of websites to publish on covers 24 languages as per the writing of this article, and is constantly expanding. Not only that, but it is also their copywriting team that consists of native speakers from every single one of these 24 languages. In this way, you can elevate your online shop and start selling all over Europe and beyond – language barriers are a thing of the past.

Despite the intuitive ordering panel, the very process of publishing articles and choosing the proper websites may be confusing for those new in the SEO game – especially if it’s attempted in a foreign market. WhitePress is well aware of that, so in order to meet the needs of its worldwide clientele, it offers guidance and assistance in any language available in its offer. Their dedicated regional teams are always eager to assist customers with any trouble or question they may have – whether it’s related to SEO, the process of ordering, or anything else.

Effortless progress analysis

Once you’ve engaged in content marketing activities, it’s time to keep track of your amazing progress. But you don’t have to do it alone! WhitePress content marketing platform offers its clients a free tracking script, which allows them to see exactly how they are doing online. Whether you want to know about the extra traffic you’ve gained through the guest posts and sponsored articles published through WhitePress, or other factors related to the publications, you’ll be able to do it without any additional effort from your side. It’s all included in the panel you can register on for free!

The advantages of content marketing

Content marketing is an advanced SEO technique that offers more advantages than ordinary link-building. In addition to gaining valuable dofollow links, you also gain exposure to your target market. Through expert articles written by WhitePress, you create brand recognition. Your clients become aware of the very existence of your brand. Even if you do not sell your product immediately, that’s a very good way of expanding your sales funnel. It all pays off eventually, so patience and commitment are key to success.

Additionally, through content marketing, you gain direct traffic for your website. Due to the fact that you can publish articles on websites visited by people genuinely interested in your industry, the chances of them converting into clients are higher than with other forms of digital advertising!

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