Gachyi Land, an NFT gacha-launchpad, rallies towards its first Goo Goo Series NFT Drop

Gachyi Land

Sydney, Australia — Gachyi Land, allegedly the first gacha-launchpad, gears towards its debut NFT launch on November 22, 2021.

The first NFT series, the Goo Goo series, will feature generative artwork with different traits that include eyes, mouth, body, accessories, clouds and background, among other features. Rare characteristics may give their owners access to special privileges.

According to the Gachyi Land Lore, the Goo Goos were created by the Gachyi Goddess before she became entirely fossilized. The Goddess ensured that all of her wisdom was handed on to the Goo Goos at creation so they could lead players through the role-playing video game.

This launch is the first in a series of other launches on the Gachyi ecosystem. Speaking about the significance of this event, the founding partner of Gachyi Land, Harly Zappino expressed his excitement:

“A digital world is our future, let’s make it fun, let’s make it colorful, and let’s provide real-world value to those that want to interact with it.”

The first NFT series, Goo Goo, is not playable in the RPG,  as made known by the project. However, owners will receive considerable special in-game items and bonuses. Slime Tales from Gachyi Land’s second NFT series will, nevertheless, be playable characters in the RPG. The launch date of Slime Tales is yet to be communicated.

Gachyi is incubating a disruptive NFT gaming ecosystem

Gachyi Land focuses on the issuance of NFTs as well as the development of mini party games and a Play-To-Earn MMORPG, resulting in a whole ecosystem.

The platform will release its own NFTs in addition to onboarding NFTs from other projects. These NFTs will be minted on the official Gachyi website using its revolutionary interactive Gachapon machines.

Gachyi is on a mission to empower small artists to use Gachyi Land’s resources to share their talent with the world, giving them the visibility and recognition they deserve. Most artists are yet to take advantage of the limitless opportunities available in the NFT domain, and others may have preconceived notions about it. To address this challenge, Gachyi is stepping in to provide them with the platform, community, technology, and tools they need to exhibit their work and explore the digital landscape’s potential.

“Gachyi Land will be a solution to this and will be a part of a greater movement to fundamentally change the way humanity thinks and interacts with the world,“ stated Harly Zappino.

Gachyi Land is intended to bring the visual world to artists, disrupting the way they interact and earn. According to Zappino, In our virtual world, a piece of paper that says ‘degree’ is meaningless, what defines you is the choices you make and the way you choose to interact, not labels, not gender, not titles, and certainly not the way you look.

Gachyi Land is the first gacha NFT launchpad

Coming up as a first mover, Gachyi will be the first gacha-launchpad to accept NFTs as a full-fledged utility across its whole ecosystem. Each NFT delivered through Gachyi NFT Launchpad will serve a function and contribute to the ecosystem’s growth. They will either have in-game functionality such as in-game enhancements or special pre-sale access, or they can be developed into future games.

Additional projects with complementary themes to Gachyi Land will be able to join its utility-centric ecosystem, thereby expanding the entire ecosystem. Other projects’ NFTs can be integrated into Gachyi Land’s micro-party games or MMORPG.

The NFTs will be deployed on the MATIC blockchain as an ERC-721 token standard, It will be packaged and delivered leveraging on the interactive Gachapon Machines (the Gacha-Launchpad). The minting process will level up to provide an ecstatic experience to buyers, laced with playing the e-Gachapon machines coupled with Lo-Fi music, great visuals, and stunning animation.

Each series will feature a maximum of 5 NFTs available on the Launchpad, giving buyers a glimpse of what they might be able to get. The creators decide what fraction of each NFT will be minted.

About Gachyi Land

Gachyi Land is building an ecosystem that consists of an NFT Launchpad and Play-To-Earn MMORPG. NFTS issued on their platform will be incorporated within the ecosystem to serve either an in-game functionality such as boosts or exclusive pre-sale access, or their utility can be built into future games.

With its disruptive Play2Earn MMORPG, Gachyi is providing artists with the platform, community, technology, and tools they need to unleash their creativity and gain the exposure they deserve. NFTs will be minted via Gachyi’s interactive gachapon machines on the Polygon blockchain based on the ERC-721 token standard, priced in MATIC.

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