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Gabriel Santos shared his experience in creating movie parodies

The art of creating content does not come naturally to everyone. Some people can write for hours and hours on a particular topic, but when it comes to creating original content, some people could never put the time in. It’s not always easy to create original content from scratch, but it IS possible. The only way you can get better at content creation is through practice. You have to be willing to invest your time into honing your skills and techniques before you see any improvement in the quality of your work.

Gabriel Santos de Souza believes the best way to create content is from an authentic place. Most of us don’t get paid for creating content, but if you’re doing it for money, you shouldn’t be doing it. If you’re not creating content because you love it, you’ll lack that passion in your work. Maintaining your integrity and ensuring that everything you make is true to who you are; otherwise, there’s no reason to bother with it in the first place.

Gabriel started on Twitter and learned a lot about himself and his audience. He was so engaged with his followers that he began to see that they were the ones who were asking the questions, so he began to create content based on their needs. He was doing this in a large pool of personalities, so he needed to remain true to himself. As long as you’re honest with yourself, you’ll be able to write content that people will enjoy reading.

Be consistent. It’s essential to find time to read and engage with other people. There are many things that you can learn from other people, so take it upon yourself to be open-minded. He recommends seeking ideas from writers who have already successfully created content and interacted with their audience, then using those ideas as your own. If you keep doing this consistently, your writing will improve naturally.

On Twitter, he started creating satires and parodies because he wanted to bring a sense of humor to the platform. He encouraged his followers to be kind and respectful, but there wasn’t much on the platform bringing that kind of energy. He used his work to motivate people, so he did what he could to create helpful and cheerful content.

Throughout his journey in creating content, he was inspired by the work of some of his favorite content creators. He started on Twitter but planned to transition to Youtube, where he can start creating a channel and increasing his content creation. He wants to be able to create content for people of all ages so that everyone can learn from his work. He loves being able to create content and hopes to continue doing so for a long time.

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