Future of Technology with Techno Sami’s New Cutting-Edge Courses on AI Development and Blockchain

DHAKA, Bangladesh 

Techno Sami, an innovative company dedicated to empowering new freelancers and tech enthusiasts, proudly announces the launch of two breakthrough courses focusing on Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Development. These courses are meticulously designed to resonate with and elevate the skills of Bangladeshi youth, mirroring the social and emotional landscapes they navigate.

Techno Sami Unveils Affordable, In-Depth Educational Programs geared towards Tech Enthusiasts and Professionals

Techno Sami, the illustrious YouTuber, musical artist, and educational content creator, blends entertainment with enlightenment, providing young learners with key technical competencies for the digital age. Born on June 5th, 2002, and hailing from Dhaka, Techno Sami orchestrates a symphony of guidance for aspirants in the dynamic sectors of AI and Blockchain.

The first course unveiled is titled “Ai HTML & BB (AI Development),” a 30-day tailor-made program for beginners and intermediate learners eager to plunge into Artificial Intelligence. Priced at an offer of 1500 BDT, it’s a month-long adventure into the mechanics of thought and automation.

Following suit, Techno Sami presents the Blockchain Development course, a 45-day foray into decentralized digital ledgers that power cryptocurrencies and beyond. This course is pivotal as Blockchain technology takes center stage in the future of secure and transparent digital transactions. With a price tag of 4999 BDT and a flexible three-installment payment plan, this course is set to democratize the knowledge of Blockchain, making it accessible to all.

These courses reflect Techno Sami’s dedication to addressing Bangladesh’s youth’s current social and emotional pulse. He is a beacon of inspiration and innovation, offering more than just education; it’s a transformation toward technological fluency in an interconnected world.

Founding CEO Sami Khan, TS Recode, the investor, and CTO TS Recode are the fiery minds behind TECHNO SAMI IT LIMITED. Their shared vision blossoms into a non-profit endeavor to foster new talents and equip them with tools for success in the freelancing landscape and tech spheres.


“Sculpting the future of technology education, we launch these courses as a testament to our commitment towards fostering a new generation of proficient and passionate individuals, ready to conquer the challenges of tomorrow,” stated Sami Khan, CEO of Techno Sami.

“Blockchain and AI are more than buzzwords; they’re the keystones of a new digital infrastructure. Our courses are stepping stones for the ambitious souls who dare to shape the digital narrative of Bangladesh and beyond,” affirmed TS Records Limited.

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For a comprehensive learning experience and a chance to be part of this educational revolution, enrollees can register for the courses by visiting Techno Sami’s Website or contacting Techno Sami directly.

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CEO: : Sami Khan

Attn: Media Relations  


Phone: +1 251-373-4318


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