Future of DevOps – 6 Reasons to Learn DevOps in 2022


With the evolution of the IT industry, you can witness many nurturing technologies taking over to shape the future. These new technologies are bringing new possibilities to transform the development of software and applications. One such incredible technology that has found its strong establishment in the development industry is DevOps Development. But before jumping into the DevOps benefits, and why you should learn, let’s learn why it came into existence. Keep scrolling the editorial down and reading to find what makes DevOps a revolutionizing framework for development. 

The role of DevOps 

In the conventional niche of development, the team had to work in several silos. It included the development team, quality assistance, production, and operations. In such scenarios, the development of software witnessed several obstacles. There were poor communications, as the development, testing, and production were all executed on different platforms. This brought a disconnection between developers, system admin, and other relevant teams. In case of any tasks and changes, the teams have to manage them manually. 

Sometimes, this also led to the blame game in the development industry, when there were any issues. In such circumstances, came DevOps into the way your business. DevOps as a newfound technology united a distinctive teams in both operations and development. 

The teams before development were: 

Development (Dev)→Quality assistance (QA)→ Production (Prod)→ Operations (Ops)

However, the introduction of DevOps brought a new trend in development. Now the nurturing of new culture automated the Development, QA, productions, and operations. Remarkably, this also solved all the obstacles in monitoring or launching any new applications. The development and operation team’s conventional rift and issues now got solved with the automation of several tasks in development. 

The tasks that DevOps automated include: 

  • Planning 
  • Coding 
  • Building 
  • Testing 
  • Releasing 
  • Operating and 
  • Monitoring 

The future of DevOps 

The future of DevOps is expected to expand at a CAGR of 18.7% from the period 2017-2023, as per Statista. The market will grow from 5.2 billion to 15 billion by 2023. What boosts the future and popularity of DevOps are: 

  • Infusion of AI and ML in development 
  • Microservices architecture as a new approach for quick deployment of additional features 
  • Easy DevOps assembly line that brings ease to software delivery 
  • Automation in every process 
  • Increasing security 

6 reasons to learn DevOps 

Increasing use of DevOps in security  

The more you progress, the more security you need. With virtualization at its peak, you can also find a surge in cyber threats and malware to destroy software and extract data. So, when you are automating business with software, you are also automating the risks. With enormous development being done, you also need to concentrate on security. The use of DevOps in the development of programs harnesses security requirements. DevOps offers you a secure production and testing environment. DevOps also helps the developers to ensure security protocols to augment any program’s integrity. So, the use of DevOps in security is demanding for engineers to cater to industry requirements. 

AI and ML in the framework to ensure ease of development  

IT organizations are depending on DevOps more for its advanced framework. DevOps brings you AI and ML in its framework with a microservices architecture and a cloud-native approach to development. The testing of end products and development is easy and developers get to know about the flaws in the program before its launch. 

So, no doubt DevOps pipelines have AI and ML integration that accommodates automation in development. It also offers a closer insight to developers in controlling the development process. Several organizations are harnessing DataOps and AIOps; where developers can gather data from several data logging and monitoring systems to have a detailed insight before development. With such perks, DevOps is a favorite to all IT organizations, and learning it offers you a bright future. 

DevOps brings automation to every company 

In the recent digital era, every task commences harnessing the Internet. Several companies are also diverting their operations towards IT companies that offer you specific services. Now that software has become an imperious element in every domain, you can more likely witness automation. Industries are developing programs that can automate their workflow and offer them improved efficiency in this contemporary world. In such a case, DevOps plays a significant role in catering to your automation. The use of DevOps in creating several enterprise solutions and CRM solutions enables you to achieve a robust and secure end product. 

Container technology 

Container technology is progressing at a faster rate day by day. Businesses can distinctively use container technology to offer several benefits. You can utilize container technology to develop an application for the sandbox. You can also develop apps to resist security constraints. These ideas bring you an endless range of opportunities for augmenting the security system. Businesses also deploy container technology to perform user analytics. As container technology is in demand, businesses will deploy DevOps to attain cost-effective container technology. 

Platform as a service  

The Platform as a service is on the rise today. You would not find the development of a complete infrastructure for any app. nowadays; you can find platforms to host apps. This brings you a lot of applications with DevOps concepts. DevOps development can be in the applications where you wish to offer the platform as a service to the end-users. With the former technology in deployment, you can achieve PaaS solutions with robust security, configuration management, and containerization. As you need DevOps to create such PaaS solutions, you will now witness the rise of DevOps demand. 

DevOps plays a significant role in security integration 

From the beginning, the focus has always been on security. Every business wants to secure its apps from any sort of vulnerability. Many companies are adopting a secure approach to application development to eliminate all security-related concerns. When you are talking about security, DevOps plays an inevitable role. DevOps allows you flawless security integration with secure and robust coding. In DevOps, the testing can be done in the development period itself to find out any potential security flaws. Developers with DevOps can seek codes that are bugs in the development stage itself. This is why learning DevOps is an essential task that every developer/ novice should achieve. 


These are a few reasons why you should learn DevOps. Now that you are clear about the reasons that DevOps plays an integral role in faster software delivery, it is evident that the modern development market will nowhere discard it. So, learning DevOps will offer you competitive positions in the industry.  



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