Future of Crypto Exchanges: Exclusive Interview with Alexander Geralis, Chief Product Officer of cXchange at Spotware

cXchange by Spotware is a  high quality platform for trading digital assets. cXchange is a solution for any business looking to launch a cryptocurrency exchange with everything you need to start quickly and make a good impression. The Chief Product Officer Alexander Geralis will be letting us more in this interview.

1) Please tell us your name and about yourself?

My name is Alexander Geralis and I am Chief Product Officer of cXchange, a digital asset exchange solution developed by Spotware. I am overseeing the product’s development and ensuring cXchange meets the same high as all Spotware products becoming an integral part of the clients’ success.

Being a professional trader myself, I have been trading cryptocurrencies, as well as physical commodities in the marine fuel sector for a number of years. I have also been providing market analysis for the oil and gas sector and was a regular contributor for Cointelegraph.

2) What is Spotware and what services are you bringing to the crypto market?

Spotware is an expert in building trading platform solutions and the developer of cTrader, a premium FX and CFDs trading platform offered by leading brokers and trusted by millions of traders worldwide.

We have recently launched a digital asset exchange solution, called cXchange, that allows any business to launch a cryptocurrency exchange with everything needed out-of-the-box. Our crypto trading platform provides a stable and reliable performance, an ultra-fast matching engine and highest levels of security, a combination of which results in a powerful tool for building cryptocurrency exchanges.

Spotware is the first professional developer of trading platforms in the market to offer a high-quality exchange solution.

3) On what framework is the cXchange built on, and what unique features make it different from others?

cXchange is a PaaS (product as a service) solution, which means that all development, maintenance, and support is taken care by Spotware. Our clients also get regularly new features and updates allowing them to stay ahead of their competition. Not only that, as the business grows, cXchange can adapt to an increased workload with no loss on performance allowing our clients to extend their exchange with unlimited users, trading accounts, assets, and pairs.

cXchange is a very sophisticated and technologically advanced platform. We used years of our experience and proven technologies to develop a high-quality product that can outperform even the leading crypto exchanges. It has a number of powerful features, including rich charting and technical analysis tools, and a variety of order types suitable for beginners and professional traders. The platform supports the entire user lifecycle. Yet, the exchange platform is very easy to use thanks to its smart user-friendly interface and is available also as mobile versions for Android and iOS.

4) Tell us more about the cXchange, how does it work?

cXchange is a fully brandable and customizable solution. Our clients can choose from a range of options and settings that can be adjusted for any business model allowing them to create their own digital asset exchange.

For instance, cXchange supports not only more than 95 coins and tokens, among which are the most popular cryptocurrencies, a wide range of ERC-20 tokens, coins of completed ICO projects, but also fiat trading pairs, both Crypto vs Fiat and Fiat vs Fiat. The deposits and withdrawals can also be done either via blockchain or in fiat by integrating payment processors, e-wallets or wire transfers. The exchange operators can customize their trading commissions, withdrawal security settings, and many other transactions, as well as choose their own market makers and liquidity providers allowing them to tailor their trading environment as desired.

The deployment is quick and easy ensuring fast time to market. So, in about 2 months or so, depending on the configuration, our clients get a premium quality cryptocurrency exchange and full support moving forward.

5) Crypto exchanges have changed rapidly since 2017-2018, why is it so?

Exchanges and the marketplace itself have changed very rapidly indeed. Do you remember how every three months or so a different exchange seemed to be the new market share leader? The reason for this change is the influx of market participants. The bull market brought hundreds of thousands of new participants to an exchange, all seeking their chance to purchase a piece of crypto. While many fortunes were made and lost, the fact is that crypto is now here to stay and traders will keep trading the waves. That is why we also believe that this is the era of new crypto exchanges, the high-quality technologically advanced exchanges that can meet the demands of the maturing market and differentiate themselves among thousands of other exchanges.

6) What is your view moving from more traditional trading (fx/stocks) to crypto, why are traders/investors are maturing and demanding for better tools.

This is two-fold. Firstly, we have traders who started their journey by trading crypto only. They see things like slow execution times, unreliable uptime and hacks as something that needs to be tackled. Also, these traders now have some time and experience on their side to understand that the above is unacceptable when you are risking your capital. Secondly, more experienced traders are coming in the crypto world from other asset classes. They are used to platforms and tools that provide things like reliability, low latency, and advanced order types and charting all in one place. For them, it was a standard. And our goal is to provide them with that level of expectations and much more with cXchange.

7) What is the future of Exchange 2.0 future, where is it going?

Having seen many changes since we have started building trading platforms in 2010, we believe Exchange 2.0 is a premium product that allows users to do all their charting in the platform without the need to leave and subscribe somewhere else. 2.0 will have ultra-low latency and reliable order execution that users can trust. Mobile trading will be a standard; you should absolutely be able to manage your positions from your phone. Coming to the back end, more sophisticated security measures will be in place, both against the attacks on the exchange hosting and more importantly, on user wallets and the treasury itself. So overall, we will see an environment that is more attractive to the user from the perspective of the ease of use, inert tools, and a security aspect – something that cXchange is already offering.

8) Could you tell us about your team and customer support?

Our in-house team of experts, that consists of more than 100 software engineers and developers, is based in Cyprus, the center of the online trading industry. This is a strategic location as it offers an established talent pool of industry specialists, allowing us to accommodate the best tools and practices in our solutions and services, and to be ahead of the changing demands of the industry to provide continues innovation to our clients.

9) How Secure is Spotware cXchange, why should traders trust your platform?

We have just completed a deep integration between cXchange and BitGo’s wallet API platform. BitGo is a leading multi-asset wallet platform and the largest world known processor of on-chain bitcoin transactions. It protects the biggest exchanges and institutions and now we are one of them. We choose to pro-actively integrate with such giants as BitGo as digital asset security of our clients’ funds is of paramount importance to us.

10) Do you have more information for our readers?

Yes, anyone who is interested to stay in touch with us and keep informed about cXchange updates can visit our website and follow our social networks listed below. And if you are ready to open your own cryptocurrency exchange, contact us today!

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