FUT Coins – how to buy?


Ever since the very first editions of the Ultimate Team mode, FIFA players have been looking for effective ways to increase their ability to acquire the extra FIFA Coins they need to build a significant team. FUTCoins will allow you to purchase packs of player cards and allow you to enter modes such as FUT Draft. The game’s developers have included several tools with which you can increase your pool of Coins. For those for whom this is not enough, there are numerous advertisements for the sale of Coins on the internet.

Is it complicated? How many steps are there in such a transaction and what does EA Sports say about it? The following article contains all the useful information on this subject.

FUT Coins – transaction stages

When deciding to buy FIFA Coin, be prepared for a short and intuitive process. It generally consists of the following steps:

  • Choosing how to top up – at the very beginning you choose the form of transfer of Coins. The best companies offer proven procedures that practically guarantee untraceability. You also specify the platform to which FIFA Coins are to be transferred (PC or PS5, PS4, XSX, XSS, XONE, Stadia).
  • Choosing the number of FUTCoins – there is no rigid framework when it comes to the number of coins available. You choose the value you are interested in and move on to the next stage. Specific packages are often offered.
  • Providing your FUT account details – you need to provide your account details for the transaction to take place. We emphasise that this is not some sensitive information that will give third parties access to your FUT account. FIFA Coin sellers should not request an email password. Without it, they will not be able to access the functionality to change anything on their account. The data will only allow you to top up your Coins.
  • Paying for your order – pay your order and wait for further notifications. If any problems arise, information about this is always sent to the customer.
  • Transfer of Coins to your account – FIFA Coin sellers take care of the top-up. Once this has been done, you will receive an email confirmation of the change in your order status.

Now all that remains is to spend the Coins you have purchased on whatever you wish.

Buying FUT Coins and EA’s stance

EA Sports is attempting to eradicate the phenomenon of buying FIFA Coin online. This is because it is against the rules of the game. The company is constantly improving ways to detect external transfers of Coins to player accounts. If such a delivery is thwarted, the player may be blocked from the in-game transfer market. EA also applies another punishment in the form of account zeroing, which means nothing less than the complete erasure of a player’s previous achievements.

The secret is that the transfer of Coins can be done in a way that makes it virtually impossible to detect. Professional FIFA Coin sellers are usually specialist companies which, thanks to several years’ experience and a volume of transactions amounting to several hundred per day, have developed procedures that guarantee a 99.9% rate of undetected top-ups.

When you buy from such a place, you make EA get its 5% commission, for which you do not pay.

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