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Fusing Ingenuity And Masterful Entrepreneurship in Talents: The Michael Ede Model

Development and management require the accentuation of creativity and capacity in all spheres of endeavours. Advancing enterprise in sports development and creating opportunities for talents is signature ingenuity.  

Uplift11 is a sports development company with concerns in talent scouting and sports career management. The company has recorded successes in the discovery and management of many sports talents across football clubs in the UK and other leagues in Europe with clients’ satisfaction commendations.

Entrepreneurship in Talents

Michael Ede

Uplift11 is  FIFA recognised. It has an S4 scouting professional recruitment and players scouting level 1 training as well as professional football agents association (PROFAA) membership through its CEO, Michael Ede. It has under its management portfolio several players in reputable football clubs in the UK, Europe and the USA. The fusion of talent and entrepreneurship here stems from the fact that Uplift11 is a subsidiary of Maigmike Consulting with dealings in IT tr and consulting.

Michael Ede runs these outstanding companies. In addition, he has over 16 years of high-level management experience in biopharmaceuticals and financial institutions. He is involved in top rate financial consulting. Michael Ede is also the Director of Training and Development at Brighter Connect. He is leading the establishment in search of greater opportunities with new focus on Africa and Asia.

 In addition, the CEO believes that apart from natural resources, Africa and Asia has an equally huge sports talent reservoir that must be harnessed for the development of her people. He restates the opinion that sports is both an economic leveler and a source of international cooperation among peoples and nations. 

In his words,what Africa and Asia need the most is turning her youth base away from vagaries to awakening the underlying swath of talents for national glory and international acclaim through sports”.

 Uplift11 regards sports, especially football as a developmental tool. At the core of this belief is identifying and building talents who are equipped with the modem dynamics of the game for the next generation. Uplift11 in her dealings and contractual emphasis, ensures absolute respect and dignity for her clients by the respective hiring clubs. This is why our clients exude optimal confidence and a high measure of dignity on and off the field.

Africa and Asia can benefit from the window of opportunities that his concerns and leadership provides.

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