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Furio crypto: how DeFi passive income has evolved

DeFi exploded in 2020 and grew even further in 2021 as the crypto community hurled themselves into passive income crypto projects offering crazy APYs and returns. As we move to the second half of 2022, few have survived, yet some new projects have taken learnings from the past and evolved ideas into new protocols and platforms. One such project is Furio.

Furio is a DeFI platform that is an evolution of the immensely popular Drip network; one of the few that has managed to survive in excess of a year, despite significant drop from ATHs (all time highs). It offers a passive ROI reward system and is deflationary. 

The Furio token, $FUR, is a BEP-20 on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) that provides investors a return of 360% at an accelerated rate of up to 2.5% per day. 

However, there’s more to it than that. 

Interesting gameplay mechanics and sustainability measures make Furio stand out from the DeFi crowd. Has it evolved enough to survive and thrive in a bear market?

  • Furio crypto: how DeFi passive income has evolved
  • Fast n furio(us) passive income
  • Maximum and variable rewards
  • 28-day cycles
  • Furio passive income
  • How Furio works
  • Future utilities
  • Team building & referral rewards:
  • Furio Taxes
  • Anti-Dumping Mechanics
  • Furio roundup

Fast n furio(us) passive income

As the Defi world continues to gallop, we see new projects entering space daily. Furio is one of the new entrants, starting in May 2022 with their FUR token launch. Furio crypto is a Drip-inspired passive income project. 

Like many of these income-focused projects that hit the market, Furio brings new evolution and features to pre-existing models.

Furio’s aim is to make its project sustainable and not subject to the whims and illusions of whales and ‘pump n dump’ folks. These are people who like to load their wallets and then dump, lowering prices and making ordinary investors have to hold their pockets, hoping that the price will rise again.

Let’s take a look at some of the features that set Furio apart from other crypto passive income projects…

Maximum and variable rewards

Furio has measures in place to prevent dumping and responsibly reward investors. Like Drip, you cannot take out funds deposited into the Furio vault. Only daily interest payments are received. While Drip pays a flat rate of 1% per day, Furio combines it by paying a variable rate from 0.5% to a maximum of 2.5% per day. 

Investors can earn up to 360% of the initial capital (you can compound to increase your deposited balance) and the maximum payout is 100,000 FUR tokens.

Furio uses higher interest payments to reward investors who demonstrate behavior that supports the project’s life. Behaviors that do not support the ecosystem are discouraged with lower returns and participants are encouraged to be team plays; no whales here!

28-day cycles

Deposits to Furio Vault start with a daily return of 1.75%. This number can increase to a maximum of 2.5% daily or decrease to a minimum of 0.5%, depending on the investor’s actions in 28 days. 

The higher the investor’s compound withdrawal rate, the higher the investor’s chance of reaching and staying at 2.5%. Below you can see combinations to confirm behaviors that lead to higher daily returns and incredible APYs.

Investors must be careful with exits to avoid falling to these lower levels. If they do, they will need 28 days of compounding action to return to the upper level. These mechanisms are designed to incentivize investors to take actions that make projects more sustainable so that everyone can win in the long run.

Furio passive income

Yes, you could compound, compound, compound and enjoy that sweet 2.5% per day. Equally, by compounding and withdrawing carefully, investors could earn 1.75% per day and extract some “passive” income. 

This strategy offers the best of both worlds, however it needs to be done with some care as too many negative movements within the 28-day cycle can ultimately lead to lower rates.

The most passive approach is to make use of the “Auto-Compound” feature, which means you only have to interact as frequently as you wish to withdraw – everything else is done for you by the system.

How Furio works

Furio is a system that rewards users who support their ecosystem. The token is paired with USDC which helps curb volatility.

If you deposit $1,000 worth of FUR into Furio Vault (Furvault), you pay a 10% deposit fee and get up to 2.5% per day on the remaining $900-worth of FUR per day which you can compound as frequently as you wish.

You don’t get your initial investment back, but you can get up to 360% of it in daily rewards. You have an option to reinvest your dividends and compound interest to maximize payouts.

Future utilities

Furio’s roadmap shows several upcoming utilities, including third-party partnerships, FIAT integration, NFT marketplace, FurBet platform and other layers being added to the ecosystem.

Team building & referral rewards:

FURIO has a multi-level and turn-based referral system aka ‘round robin’ that makes it a lot fairer to new people than other DeFi projects. They also have team-building.

Keeping Furio NFT in your wallet is required to earn referral rewards. It has a multi-level affiliate system baked in and you need 1 NFT to avail of each downline level, for a maximum 15 stories. NFTs cost 5 FUR each. 

There’s more to it than that however as team builders are encouraged (and forced) to distribute team bonus airdrops to their referrals aka their ‘team’…again, in an attempt to make the ecosystem fair.

Furio taxes

Users pay tax on most transactions with Furio. This is where all the rewards come from until utility is released.

The FUR purchase on the Furio site is the only action that does not incur additional costs. Most taxes are delivered into the vault and used to pay claims. Taxes help keep the system sustainable and reduce the need to mint new tokens to pay rewards.

  • 10% tax deposit
  • 10% tax claim
  • 10% tax transfer
  • 10% tax sell
  • 5% tax compound

There are higher taxes for whales — not an issue for most of us as it only starts kicking in at 5% after claiming 10,000 FUR tokens.

Anti-dumping mechanics

FURIO has anti-dumping measures to limit whales’ ability to manipulate prices irresponsibly. It will charge any wallet selling FUR tokens and no FUR in the vault a 50% sales tax. 

If a wallet tries to sell tokens larger than 25% of the number of wallets in the vault, it will be charged 50%. 

Each wallet can only make one sale per day. 

Since its launch, the price of FUR has followed a similar pattern to many Defi projects, first rising and then falling. The price hit $20 in July but has since dropped around $8 where it seems to have stabilized.

If anti-whaling measures work, prices stabilize and utility becomes reality, Furio could be a crypto winner in the Defi market.

Furio roundup

With all these novel features in place and a utility-driven roadmap, Furio is a passive income crypto to keep your eye on. There is no minimum so it’s easy to get started and experiment with the dApp and its features at low risk.

As with everything in this space, it’s important to do your own research and be comfortable with your levels of risk.

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