Funky and Innovative Lighting Hacks for Your Bedroom

If you’re looking for ways to make your bedroom look more futuristic, trendy and more contemporary on a budget, there is no better way than to play around with some innovative lighting options. LED lights are an excellent means to do just that. Not only are they low on energy consumption, but with the amazing deals for LED strip lights on RGB LED lights strip, you can be frugal and funky at the same time! LED lights are easily the best option as they have the versatility to allow you to alter the mood of your room in many different ways. Here are some innovative ways you can light up your bedroom.

Hidden Ambiance Lighting

LED strip lighting is an excellent way to create ambiance light in your room. You can hide LED strip lights under furniture lines like your bed and dresser, around cupboards or desks, and even to outline certain architectural aspects of your room to direct attention to interesting features of your bedroom. If you use them in a way that the lights remain hidden, they can create a nice minimalist kind of look. To switch up the mood, you can also install some strip lighting in different colours. Many lighting strips are available with colour changing options like the 50ft RGB LED strip lights with remote, that allow you to set the mood quickly and conveniently at the click on a button.

Add Focus with a Pendant Light

To revive dark and dusty corners of your room and breathe new life into such niches, consider using Pendant lights. Pendant lights are an old but gold way to add creative pockets of focal light to any corner. A low hanging pendant light can transform a dull area into a focal point in the room. Pendant lights are available in a variety of designs, look for something that blends with the other decorative elements of your room to add a clean and contemporary appearance to your bedroom.

Reading Lamps for your Bedside

The first thing that comes to mind when you say bedside lamps are those antiquated old fashioned clunky lamps of yesteryear. Now if that’s your style by all means go for them, but if you’re looking for funky, modern, and cool, chuck those old fashioned lampshades for some wall mounted LED options. There are many cool new designs available that will not only serve as reading lights, but will add a touch of style into your room in a clever and understated way.

Get Inspired with Neon Lights

Inspired or inspiring, but never boring. Neon lights are a trend that is being picked up everywhere. They are not only a creative way to add mood lighting into your bedroom, but because of their completely customizable nature, they can be made in the colors, shapes, and lettering of your choice. This versatility allows you to transform your bedroom at the flip of a switch. Neon lights can express your personal style and creativity all the while tying various elements of your bedroom together in a fun way. To top it all off, there are LED versions of “neon” lights available that cut the cost and are better for the environment whilst giving your room the atmosphere achieved with neon signs.

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