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Fun Statistics About Trade Shows Across the Nation

When it comes to an effective marketing strategy, many people choose to go to and participate in trade shows. People from all over the nation attend trade shows for all sorts of different reasons. Trade shows first gained popularity in the late 1800s started by the Queen of England as a large exhibition event. The Queen wanted to see all the best products in one place and the first trade show was held. Trade shows followed the lead of trade and craft fairs that were held in Medieval times and used to trade goods and services. With its long and glorious history, there are things that have definitely changed over time – especially since the introduction of the internet. Are trade shows a thing of the past or still just as prevalent today as they ever were? Taking a look at these statistics can give us a good idea of just how popular trade shows still are. 

Valuable In-Person Connections

As prevalent as it was back then, interpersonal relationships are so important in the business and marketing world. Especially with the influx of technology and the internet, there is now an even bigger need for in-person events. Even though much can be done over the internet waves, there is nothing that truly beats face-to-face interaction and being able to personally make that connection. This is what makes trade shows still beneficial today – and a reason why they are still so well attended. Over 11 million people nationwide attend trade shows every year to promote their brands, gain exposure, and meet new clients. Over 90% of people who attend go to look for new products and services. When it comes to finding new clients or re-establishing relationships with existing clients, this in-person event has proved to be a lasting and valuable experience for all in attendance.

A Profitable Industry

Another reason that trade shows have continued on through the years is that it is a hugely profitable business. The whole trade show industry and planning business is worth over 18 billion dollars! It has had an unprecedented growth rate over the years as it has gained popularity. This industry gains most of its revenue through the different exhibition fees and vendor fees required to display at trade shows. The largest trade shows in the country are found in some of the largest cities nationwide. Las Vegas holds one of the largest trade shows, as well as places like Los Angeles and New York City. Most businesses that attend these shows will mark off the expenses they paid as business expenses as well. These marketing functions prove to not only be profitable and beneficial for the personal businesses attending but for the whole trade show industry as a whole.

Add Value to Your Business

As fun as trade shows are, they really have proven to add a significant amount of value to your business as far as exposure goes. The statistics don’t lie – they are just as popular as ever and there is a reason so many businesses and people attend them. So what are you waiting for? Dust off your trade show displays, find a venue near you and go add some value to your business. Be a part of these groundbreaking statistics and carry on this tradition that has transcended decades!  

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