Fuel Efficiency with Fleet Management Software

Fuel Efficiency with Fleet Management Software

Fuel is a huge expense for fleet businesses. Though variable, it is still a constant expense, and logistics companies are constantly looking for ways to either minimize or optimize their fuel consumption. But without having visibility and the right metrics on the amount of fuel consumed by the fleet and each vehicle, managers might find it difficult to formulate fuel-minimizing plans.

Fleet management software comes in handy in such a situation. Through this software, fleet operators and managers provide them with solutions like fuel monitoring, metrics and reports on fuel consumption and alerts, allowing the fleet managers to gain fuel efficiency.

What is Fuel Efficiency?

Fuel efficiency or fuel economy is the calculator of how much energy a vehicle can extract from fuel. The greater the fuel energy from a particular amount of fuel, the greater the fuel efficiency. But many things impact a vehicle’s efficiency, whether it is a heavy or light-duty vehicle, how old it is, maintenance, etc.

If you are a fleet manager who is looking to increase their fleet’s efficiency, then factors like driver behaviour, gas mileage, and maintenance are very important.

What Affects A Vehicle’s Fuel Efficiency?

The fuel efficiency of trucks or buses will be very different from that of a sedan. The efficiency of the combustible engine of a new vehicle will be very different from that of a well-traveled vehicle.

There are some of the most important factors that influence a vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

Routing: the most efficient route might not always be the one vehicles travel on. The reason being personal preference or traffic might cause drivers to de-route and undertake a less optimal route which might lead to worse fuel efficiency.

Driving Behaviour: Fuel efficiency also depends on how the vehicle is driven. Events like harsh braking, acceleration, etc., can be the causes of excessive fuel consumption. Good driving practices can be encouraged through feedback and training, which can be done through fleet management software.

Maintenance: Tire pressure, old oil changes, etc., can all be the leading reason for a decrease in fuel efficiency. This is reason enough for fleet managers to adhere to preventive maintenance schedules and address even the most minute issue, which might eventually lead to bigger problems.

Excessive Loads: Heavy loads might also weigh down the trucks and reduce fuel efficiency.

How is Fleet Management Software Data helping Fleet Improve Fuel Efficiency?

One of the biggest advantages of using a fleet management system, a telematic software, is the visibility it provides through its real-time tracking and reports, which will drive cost savings.

Decrease Idling with Insights into Driver Efficiency

Fleet telematics solutions provide real time reports on driver and vehicle efficiency. The reports will provide insights into driver behaviour and point out areas where there is scope for improvement in fuel efficiency.

Excessive engine idling is a leading cause of degrading vehicle fuel efficiency. The software sends out alerts and notifications regarding idling, thus helping to decrease the chances of idling.

Decrease Fuel Theft with Analytics and Alerts

An efficient fleet management software like TrackoBit can help identify instances of fuel theft through its solution- fuel monitoring. It sends out alerts whenever there is a sudden drop or spike in fuel levels.

Improve Routing Efficiency with an Optimization Tool

Route optimization plays a vital role in determining the fuel efficiency of the fleet. If your drivers are taking routes that are long, unfavourable for the trip and have high traffic, this will adversely affect fuel consumption.

But through the route optimization feature of TrackoBit, you can expect the fleet management software to suggest you the most optimal route for the trip. Additionally, managers receive alerts if a driver deviates from the assigned route.

Improve Your Fleet’s Fuel Efficiency with TrackoBit

Companies that deal with fleet to conduct their businesses like the transportation and logistics industry, are constantly battling increasing fuel prices and also also looking for ways to make the most out of the fuel. The best method is fleet management software as it offers fuel monitoring solutions and route optimization-like software which will help you gain fuel efficiency.

TrackoBit is a fleet management software that will help your managers execute fuel-saving plans by providing them with real time metrics.

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