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FTM Trade Review — Is FTM Trade Scam or Legitimate?

FTM Trade Review

The contemporary financial market is a complicated environment where only the best can succeed. However, you also need a good platform to work with even if you have a deep understanding of how markets operate. FTM Trade is a great company that will catch your attention by creating the necessary opportunities for you to reach financial stability and steady returns.

When it comes to choosing the right trading platform, one must focus on a variety of factors to determine whether they are working with a legitimate brokerage service provider or a scam artist. We will give you several reasons to trust this company.

Safety is the biggest focus

The company has several security measures in place to provide a high level of cyber protection to all its users. At the same time, FTM Trade focuses on creating a good environment for everyone and collaborates with dozens of other brokers and financial institutions to make their service more reliable and trustworthy. Let’s talk about a couple of aspects that make us believe that FTM Trade is one of the safest platforms to work with.

  • The web infrastructure of the platform is robust. The official website uses an SSL certificate, antiviral applications, and other advanced safety measures.
  • The company is partnered with multiple companies specializing in online security. FTM Trade is also a member of several unions and organizations battling fraudulent activities in the industry.
  • A large number of industry experts rate this company among the safest and most trustworthy in terms of banking, service stability, and cyber security measures.

FTM Trade has very expensive tools

Building your web infrastructure and investing in a proprietary trading terminal are things that cost a lot. FTM Trade is invested in its product and does not want to provide subpar service. It is a sign of a good company that does not compromise when it comes to the quality and richness of its products. Several aspects make their terminal a unique product:

  • The selection of advanced technical indicators is something that significantly expands the functionality of the terminal. You will be able to use popular tools like Moving Averages, RSI, Ichimoku, and more to analyze price dynamics effectively.
  • The visual design is quite good and allows you to quickly deploy overlays and use more sources of data on the price chart without cluttering the screen with an overwhelming amount of unreadable graphs. Support and resistance levels, Fibonacci lines, and other graphical overlays work perfectly on this price chart.
  • Any orders that you place while trading on this terminal will be executed instantly thanks to the integration of the terminal directly into the web infrastructure of the company. In essence, you will be trading as fast as servers allow.

These technological aspects demand big investments on the part of FTM Trade meaning that it is a committed company that won’t abandon its product and will be offering its tools to clients in the future just as it is doing right now.

Safe and secure banking

FTM Trade emphasizes the importance of using diverse payment methods to ensure that clients can choose what they deem most convenient and safe. You can choose from a wide range of options depending on your priorities and preferences.

  • Use debit cards to make it easier to conduct payments while enjoying instant delivery of funds to your trading balance. It is a great way to avoid a margin call when your market position is compromised.
  • Wire transfers are still some of the safest methods and are widely employed in the US and Canada. The only downside is that waiting times can be quite long.
  • Cryptocurrency payments and financial platforms like Payoneer or Skrill are often chosen for convenience and speed but may be unavailable to some people due to geo-restrictions.

The main takeaway

In this FTM Trade review we can confidently say that FTM Trade is not a scam. It is an advanced trading platform that offers its clients access to financial markets while providing excellent service and protecting users from the risks and dangers of the internet.

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