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Frosted Cake Set To Become The Next Gem On BSC

The next 1000x BSC gem that will skyrocket is upon us with the Frosted Cake Token! This project has a team from an already established and successful project called the Ryoshi Token and they come with an illustrious reputation. The dev team has been known to be one of the most ingenious, and hardworking developers in the industry. “We built a token that will compete with Baby Cake and with our higher rewards of 8%, we will make sure the Frosted Cake Token is a brand that everyone will soon acknowledge and respect. It’s about building an investment community that will be rewarded greatly with our higher market caps and of course, our precious Cake rewards. It’s about building a brand that people will trust and the Frosted Token will be able to generate passive income like no other place can – which will give all holders the benefit of financial freedom.”

Frosted Cake is a deflationary passive income token, strategically developed for long-term Investments, pushing smart contract capabilities to their fullest potential. Frosted Cake is a real incentive and community token that you can trust. Just by holding you will obtain 8% Rewards on Cake. The Frosted Cake project will be centralized around on their community of investors as they will look for ideas brought upon them by the people, however, the team strives they will never stray away from their fundamental generalization, which is to bring generational wealth to its holders through their passive income paid every hour in cake rewards. The Project also promises to timely report everything to its community members, including the development team, traders, investors, holders, and everyone who contributed to its making. The project appears to be an incentive and innovation-driven token, which allows its Token Holders to earn rewards in Cake Just by holding Frosted Tokens.

Frosted Cake Devs have implemented an auto liquidity pool distribution feature which equates to 4% from every transaction that will be injected into the liquidity pool. This is an important attribute that will protect the Frosted Cake price from any vicious dumps and downtrends. Having a powerful liquidity pool is central to a flourishing undertaking and can easily be accomplished with their automated liquidity feature. Hence, this will permit Frosted Cake investors to benefit from the bountiful rewards scheme while still maintaining a strong and thriving liquidity pool.

The Frosted Cake tokenomics are fixed at a sensible 16% sales tax. 4% From every transaction is allocated to the marketing wallet for future developments and upgrades of the project. In addition, another 4% of every transaction will be apportioned into the liquidity pool to support a strong chart. Last but not least, 8% from every transaction (both buys and sells) will automatically be redistributed to Frosted Cake holders and reward in cake. The Frosted Cake team announced that there would be a total supply of 100,000,000,000.

The roadmap for the Frosted Cake Token is set with very elaborate upcoming events that include BTOK advertising, an upcoming NFT marketplace platform, a game development, and huge celebrities signings! In their previous project, this team landed many immense celebrities such as Soulja Boy and even had a song recorded by a top artist, which they plan to do here as well. However, in phase 1, this team is expected to get a fast-track listing on Coin Market Cap and Coin Gecko, as well as a Certik audit which is already in the works. Poocoin and Pancake Swap advertising are set to start in the coming days! With a roadmap built for success, this team understands the importance of delivering in a timely fashion. 

This team has built a reputation for producing for investors and now will be taking their talents to start one of the biggest reward tokens on the BSC chain. The current market cap of under $300,000 is a bargain, as they had a fair launch just over 12 hours ago. It’s still very early and with the increasing volume, the Cake rewards will be plentiful to all holders. Frosted Cake is looking to create a breakthrough in the world of crypto and trading with its new-age token. The Project has developed a deflationary token that will allow its holders and investors to earn a passive income and reward them based on their holdings, tradings, and transactions. This token is strategically developed for traders and investors who wish to hold their investments for a long term and wish to patiently wait and see that their investments give back maximum returns. Thus development looks forward to pushing intelligent contract capabilities to their fullest potential.

According to a Nielsen Holdings PLC survey of the economy, Rising Inflation was a top concern among the respondents. The IMF pumped another $12 Trillion into global financial markets as governments and central banks worldwide tried to stabilize the economy. Frosted Cake can be viewed as an inflation hedge by investors as they plan to burn Frosted Cake Tokens on a regular basis.

It’s without a doubt that this development team knows how to succeed in the cryptocurrency industry and with their new launch, they have created a perfect storm for Frosted Cake with the hype, the community, and the huge cake rewards The head developer goes on to say, “You can guarantee your money will keep going up while you hold – as day by day we will increase in volume, recognition, and in market cap.”


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