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Frontline Source Group, Recruitment Agency

Personnel recruitment agencies are dedicated to providing their services to the hiring team of each company, they are responsible for facilitating the process of hiring new employees, whose companies want productive processes that operate efficiently, focusing on a healthy work area and productivity, for the client and the worker.

For this reason, CEO Bill Kasko, in 2004, decided to establish the Frontline agency, to facilitate companies in their retail executive search for job areas such as Department Manager, Marketing Director, Transportation Manager, Operations Manager, among others. An agency that has managed to grow rapidly throughout the country, with ideas to build a solid relationship between its clients and the agency, with an award-winning team focused on productivity.

Difficulties that companies face when hiring

Approximately half of the companies that exist have some difficulty when hiring their staff, the main reasons being:

  • Due to lack of experience, mainly for companies that are starting
  • Due to lack of training and/or specialization in the area, some companies, opting for a cheap labor force, tend to choose inexperienced workers or those who do not know that area.
  • Bad attitude, disinterest, or little disposition of the worker in charge
  • Deception is the knowledge of another language that has been required at the time of hiring.

Among many other reasons why companies come to experience this type of inconvenience, with all this, companies decide to opt for an alternative that helps them facilitate this hiring process, for this very reason, personnel hiring agencies, such as Frontline, are required, especially when looking for executives to choose top job positions.

Positions that are offered

In the same way that every company searches for employees for the required areas, the agencies that facilitate this type of process, just like Frontline, have a list of qualified people to apply for these jobs, for example, we can talk about a type of company as grocery stores, which must have trusted and qualified personnel, normally these agencies have qualified personnel on their list to apply for the positions of:

  • Transportation Manager
  • Store manager
  • Assistant Director
  • Director of the marketing area
  • Regional VP, district or area director
  • Bakery Manager
  • Grocery Manager

Benefits of opting for recruitment agencies

Deciding to opt for the help of personnel recruitment agencies, when the company requires new personnel, brings with it benefits that will save time and costs to the company, such as:

  • Knowledge of the labor market, agencies are constantly monitoring the different types of markets, to always stay updated.
  • An extensive search range, a limitation that has human resources when looking for a new staff member is the limit of resources that companies give it, while a recruitment agency has the resources to achieve extensive searches and be able to choose the qualified person.
  • Direct access to candidates, these agencies are in direct contact with qualified candidates, not applicants.
  • Provide access to your contact list
  • Cost-time effectiveness, being an agency in charge of that area, the time, effort and cost that this search could take, becomes practically nil, since they provide qualified personnel.

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