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From Troubles to Triumph: Michelle Vega’s Journey to Success

Even at the young age of 13, Michelle Vega knew she was capable of great things. She already had the drive to succeed and excelled at everything she put her mind to. Whether she was helping her grandmother manage her own flower shop in the heart of New Jersey, or working two, part-time jobs during high school, she proved that she was willing to put in the work necessary to achieve her goals. By the time she finished school, she had already devised a plan for a life as a salesperson, and, at age 18, she set out to North Carolina in search of employment. 

It didn’t take long for Michelle to experience setbacks. Although she was driven, qualified, and willing to learn, she found that employers were hesitant to hire someone of her age. At one point, during an interview for a job in car sales, she remembers being told that they didn’t think “an 18-year-old girl” was going to be able to help clients buy a car and make such a large financial decision.

Michelle knew they were wrong, and refused to be discouraged. She pushed on, and eventually landed a job working in a collection agency. By age 21, Michelle was in a management position and giving the company the best sales numbers they’d seen in years. Despite this, though, she was denied the opportunity to take on a larger role with more responsibilities because of – once again – her age. 

It was at this time that Michelle realized the only way to get past this recurring roadblock was to be self-employed. She had a strong desire to achieve more and knew that her potential would never be realized until she had control over her own success. And so entered her real estate career. 

After receiving her license, Michelle immediately began working at it the same way she’d worked at everything else she’d put her mind to: with complete dedication. She honed her skills in both the sales aspect of the business as well as the investment side. As always, it didn’t take long for Michelle Vega to find success. But it took even less time for her to realize that there was an untapped market in the real estate sector. She shifted her focus to the underrepresented groups of people whom many other Realtors would steer clear of because of the extra work involved.

Low-income families, young, first-time home-buyers with low credit, families still struggling with immigration status…Michelle had a goal to help as many of them as she could, not only to buy their own houses, but also to learn how to invest in the real estate market as she had learned to do. Her goal wasn’t just to further her own success, but was also to help these struggling families get ahead in their own lives.

…and her success is undeniable. By 2021, Michelle Vega had built a team of fifteen (consisting mainly of young and underrepresented demographics), and they are the top team in their firm, with Michelle herself being the top team leader for 2020. 

Michelle’s take on real estate is a little bit different than most. Although she is an exceptional Realtor, and always gives her clients the best possible service, she also teaches them how to tap into the investment side of the business. On her own, Michelle had been learning the ins and outs of investment real estate for quite some time, and now has it down to a science. In a matter of only four years, Michelle has signed the papers on 32 of her own investment properties and is now sharing her knowledge and experience with countless other people.

Everyone on Michelle Vega’s team is an investor in their own rental and construction properties, and this gives them the experience and knowledge necessary to go above and beyond expectations when assisting their clients.

But none of this would have been possible if it wasn’t for the vision of a thirteen-year-old girl from Jersey, helping her grandmother manage a flower shop. This young entrepreneur is living proof that success doesn’t come from what others put into you, but from what you’re willing to put into yourself and your dreams.

Michelle Vega:

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