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From The Voice To 7-Figure Success How Mané Bailey has used her success to help others

From The Voice To 7-Figure Success

Starting her journey on the stage of The Voice, to now owning 7-figure businesses, Mané Bailey is a force to be reckoned with. As a little girl, Mané knew exactly what she wanted, and worked her hardest to get there. Throughout her journey, she gained knowledge about business and wanted to share it with others, which led her to create MB&Co, a coaching business where Mané gets to reach new entrepreneurs, and help them build themselves, just as she did.

At MB&Co, they believe that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ strategy. Every business is different, and every coaching program is tailored to each business accordingly. MB&Co world with product and service-based businesses on strategy, branding and messaging, marketing, product line, planning, financial projections, hiring, SOPs and so much more. 

Mané also owns Ivy Entertains, an influencer and talent marketing agency. Ivy Entertains has been one of the front runner agencies, providing live streamers, influencers and other artists, with different platforms and brands for the past four years. Ivy Entertains takes pride in providing people with different opportunities and wants their influencers, content creators and talents to grow, while still showing their unique skills and authenticity. 

Mané also owns Owl and 5, an all-in-one creative agency that helps businesses to look their best while reaching out to their audience in a fitting way.  Mané believes that the success of her businesses lies in her competent and authentic representation. She brings the best to each person she helps and supports long-lasting success.

​​Instagram is one of  Mané’s most favoured platforms, hosting Winesday Talks each week with her fellow business partners and entrepreneurs to provide watchers with helpful business information and support. Along with some very cute photos of her little girl Luseen.

Mané has fantastic reviews from her clients supporting her hard work! One stating that Mané was ‘the best investment I made’ and that they can’t thank Mané enough for ‘what [she] did for my business.

While still being a mother, Mané is a confessed workaholic that is passionate about all sides of the business. She also loves music and has a creative background with over 10 years of experience in the music industry and content creation. Her brand Ivy Entertains went from a small group of 10 artist to thousands of creatives in her business network, furthered by her success at Owl and 5 and MB&Co Mané’s true goal though, is to contribute and build a better world for her little one.

To follow Mané on her journey, find her on ​​Instagram, Facebook or send her an Email –   

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