From Start-Up to Sustainability Giant: The Rise of a New Tech Leader Efay Guo

The Rise of a New Tech Leader Efay Guo

“Innovation is more than just making new things. It’s about blending technology into everyday life in a way that promotes long-term progress,” asserts Yifei “Efay” Guo, CTO and partner at Deeprock Net Zero Technology Co., Ltd. Guo’s progressive ideas have put his company at the top of the green technology field, changing how people think about energy and the environment.

The Journey from Humble Beginnings

Guo started his career in aerospace engineering at Zodiac Aerospace and then played a crucial part at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA). These early positions helped him develop his technical skills and set the groundwork for his business endeavors. After leaving these established roles, Guo applied his creativity and leadership in starting his businesses, SeeU and Bogo.

Through SeeU, Guo introduced a social app that redefined how people connect while prioritizing safety and efficiency. From February 2018 to April 2019, Guo was the founder and solo developer of the SeeU app in San Francisco, CA. The SeeU app connects people nearby, allowing users to join or create local activities in under 10 seconds and start participating within minutes. The app features trendy swiping gestures, instant group chat, and one-tap sharing for straightforward and engaging use.

Subsequently, Guo co-founded Bogo Technology, a peer-to-peer live video streaming app. Bogo enables users to request live events or content from around the world, such as live breaking news, online house and campus tours, and remote shopping. 

With his stint with DLG Big Data, Guo developed an artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML)-powered job-matching platform for blue-collar workers. The app, which has over two million registered users in China, can match gig workers with suitable jobs within hours. Guo built the technical infrastructure and delivered the final products, including mobile apps, a web dashboard, and machine learning models.

These ventures showcased Guo’s technical proficiency and creative ability to foresee and meet market demands.

Driving Sustainability Through Community-Level Net Zero at Deeprock

Currently, Guo focuses on community-level net zero solutions at Deeprock Net Zero Technology Co., Ltd., where he utilizes various software and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. The company’s initiatives aim to reduce energy consumption, enhance decarbonization efforts, and manage carbon offsetting, particularly in the real estate sector.

Community-level net zero solutions contribute to sustainability by creating localized systems that generate as much energy as they consume, minimizing the carbon footprint. These solutions promote renewable energy sources, increase energy efficiency, and support sustainable living practices, ultimately leading to significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

One of the company’s most notable projects is Biosphere 3, a carbon-neutral community brand that integrates technology, think tanks, and resources for constructing carbon-neutral urban communities. Biosphere 3 is regarded as a pioneer in carbon neutrality in urban communities. The brand was prominently showcased at the 28th United Nations Climate Change Conference in Dubai.

Statistics from 2023 reflect the growing importance of sustainable technology. Driven by increasing demand across industries, the AI and ML market is projected to exceed $300 billion by 2025, driven by increasing demand across industries. These technologies enable businesses to optimize operations, reduce costs, and develop innovative solutions to complex problems, which is critical for sustainability initiatives. 

Guo’s green technology efforts are part of a broader trend. The global focus on sustainability has increased investments in green tech solutions, particularly in energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. Guo’s leadership at Deeprock Net Zero shows how combining advanced technologies with sustainability initiatives can substantially impact industry practices and environmental outcomes.

These trends highlight the significance of Guo’s work in combining AI and IoT solutions for sustainability. His initiatives at Deeprock Net Zero create more efficient, adaptive, and resilient systems to address energy consumption challenges and carbon emissions. His work exemplifies how utilizing advanced technology can achieve sustainability goals.

Additionally, Guo has spearheaded the development of advanced energy management systems, integrating IoT devices such as smart meters, solar panels, large-scale batteries, and electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. Interestingly, he also pioneered the effort to train China’s first net-zero-focused ChatGPT model, demonstrating his expertise in sustainable AI and ML applications.

Creativity and Leadership in Tech

Guo’s career path illustrates creativity and leadership. His leadership in the tech industry is further demonstrated by his ability to build and manage effective teams. He leads a group of more than fifteen developers, data analysts, and machine learning engineers at Deeprock Net Zero, advancing the company’s goal of producing environmentally friendly technology. His creative endeavors, which include carbon market calculators and energy visualization tools, highlight his ability to provide groundbreaking solutions.

SeeU saw great success thanks to Guo’s leadership, becoming one of the most popular social apps in the midwest United States. His efforts at Bogo and DLG Big Data were also tremendously successful. Bogo was nominated by Y Combinator and admitted into Tribe Accelerator, a top program in Silicon Valley. Previously known as Reision, Bogo won the 2nd Sponsor Prize at the Global Developer Week Hackathon in San Francisco in February 2019. Meanwhile, DLG Big Data received numerous national recognitions and served significant companies such as Foxconn, SF Express, and China Post. 

Guo’s dedication to balancing technological advancement and regulatory compliance guarantees that his contributions are responsible and significant, even in the face of the obstacles and criticisms that digital entrepreneurs often encounter. His outlook for the future, based on flexibility and vision, places him in a prominent position in the continuing development of the tech sector.

Future-Proofing: Guo’s Role in Sustainable Tech Advancements

By 2030, technology will have changed significantly. The first wave of 6G technology deployment and the growth of 5G networks are anticipated to transform data speeds and connections completely. Advances in biotechnology, particularly in gene editing and personalized medicine, promise to transform healthcare, while blockchain and decentralized finance (DeFi) could disrupt traditional financial systems.

Given his impactful leadership style, Guo is a potential influential player in this dynamic environment. His work on virtual power plants and smart microgrids is an example of the forward-thinking innovation required to seize future opportunities and overcome challenges. The widespread adoption of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) in education, training, and entertainment further illustrates the potential for tech-driven transformation across various sectors.

Guo emphasizes the importance of adaptability and vision in driving sustainable progress. “The ability to see and shape the future is as important to lasting impact as technical prowess,” he notes. This statement sums up his achievements in the IT sector, where his creative ideas and direction keep raising the bar for effectiveness and sustainability.

His work demonstrates the impact of leadership in harmonizing seemingly incompatible areas such as technology and sustainability. Rising from start-up founder to the undeniable force he is right now, Guo exemplifies tech-driven revolutionary change.

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