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From Speculating to Investing: Julian Arndt’s Journey with DeFi-Intelligence

Julian Arndt’s remarkable transformation from an unhappy shift worker to a pioneering entrepreneur in the world of decentralized finance is an inspiring story of perseverance and vision. Dissatisfied with his job and intrigued by the unstable nature of the fiat money system, Julian discovered the potential of cryptocurrencies. His breakthrough came when he witnessed a friend’s success with XRP, igniting his passion for the crypto world. Over the years, Julian built a substantial portfolio, allowing him to quit his job and focus on his newfound passion. In 2022, he founded DeFi-Intelligence, providing personalized coaching to individuals eager to understand and invest in cryptocurrencies. This narrative highlights Julian’s personal journey, the inception of DeFi-Intelligence, and his mission to empower others to achieve financial stability through informed investing.

A Shift Worker’s Discontent

Five years ago, Julian Arndt was working as a shift worker in a large company, enduring night shifts, early shifts, and late shifts. The constant grind and lack of fulfillment left him deeply unhappy and frustrated. Julian knew he needed a change, but the path forward was not immediately clear. It was during this period of discontent that he began to explore alternative ways to achieve financial independence and personal satisfaction.

Discovering the Flaws of the Fiat System

As Julian delved into the financial system, he quickly realized that the fiat money system was fraught with instability and potential collapse. This revelation was both alarming and enlightening, fueling his desire to find a more secure and sustainable financial model. His search for alternatives led him to the world of decentralized finance and cryptocurrencies, where he saw the potential for a more transparent and equitable financial system.

The Turning Point: Crypto Success

The pivotal moment in Julian’s journey came when he witnessed a friend’s success with a small crypto coin. His friend had managed to turn 2000 euros into 200,000 euros, a feat that deeply moved Julian and sparked his determination to learn more about cryptocurrencies. This success story highlighted the potential for significant financial gains and solidified Julian’s commitment to mastering the crypto market.

Building a Crypto Portfolio

Driven by his newfound passion, Julian immersed himself in the decentralized world and began building a substantial crypto portfolio. His dedication and keen understanding of the market allowed him to achieve financial independence, enabling him to leave his shift work behind. Julian’s journey from a frustrated worker to a successful investor is a testament to the power of perseverance and the potential of cryptocurrencies to transform lives.

Founding DeFi-Intelligence

In early 2022, Julian decided to channel his knowledge and experience into helping others navigate the crypto market. He founded DeFi-Intelligence, a company dedicated to providing personalized coaching to individuals eager to understand and invest in cryptocurrencies. Julian’s vision was to empower others to achieve financial stability by offering them the tools and knowledge they needed to succeed in the decentralized finance world.

Empowering Through Education

DeFi-Intelligence’s mission is to introduce employees and entrepreneurs to the crypto market and show them how they can make a long-term living from it. Julian’s approach focuses on a cash flow strategy that generates a steady income and an investment strategy that prioritizes informed decision-making over speculation. By educating his clients, Julian empowers them to take control of their financial futures and achieve their individual goals.

Overcoming Emotional Hurdles

As an investor, Julian had to overcome numerous emotional hurdles, such as fear and greed. He developed a unique rational strategy that allowed him to follow a disciplined plan and avoid impulsive decisions. This approach not only ensured his own success but also became a cornerstone of the coaching he provides to his clients at DeFi-Intelligence.

Streamlining Operations

Transitioning from an investor to an entrepreneur presented its own set of challenges. Managing a growing client base required efficient processes and effective delegation. By collaborating with automation experts, Julian streamlined operations at DeFi-Intelligence, ensuring that each client received personalized attention and support without compromising the quality of service.

Client Success Stories

The success of DeFi-Intelligence is best reflected in the achievements of its clients. Julian’s coaching has helped 50-60 individuals become “crypto-fluent,” generating over half a million dollars in profits. These success stories highlight the transformative impact of Julian’s guidance and underscore the value of informed investing in the crypto market.

A Vision for the Future

Looking ahead, Julian aims to build the best crypto coaching service in the DACH region. His vision includes helping a total of 1,000 people become crypto experts and achieve financial stability. By continuing to focus on education and empowerment, Julian is poised to make a lasting impact on the decentralized finance landscape and help countless individuals realize their financial goals.


Julian Arndt’s journey from a frustrated shift worker to a successful entrepreneur in decentralized finance is a powerful example of how passion, perseverance, and informed investing can lead to financial freedom. Through DeFi-Intelligence, Julian is sharing his knowledge and experience with others, empowering them to navigate the crypto market and achieve their financial goals. His story is a testament to the transformative potential of cryptocurrencies and the importance of education in unlocking their benefits.

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