From Retailer to Prominent Business Coach: Kailash Rawat’s Journey

Kailash Rawat is a prominent Blockchain Investor and a Business Coach. He is best known for his unrivalled achievements in relation to the proliferation of the Blockchain Industry as well as for his essential role in the effective restructuration of the Virtual Real Estate Market. 

Introducing Blockchain: A Shift from a System of Trust to a System of Proof

According to Kailash Rawat, the proliferation of the Blockchain industry is likely to lead to an essential market shift which rewards a system of proof, rather than one of trust. As Rawat explains, at the moment persons are used to erroneously extending a significant degree of trust to global suppliers and food manufacturers which is not necessarily warranted. In fact, a plethora of these business entities have been repeatedly exposed as ‘toying’ with the lives of millions of persons around the world via an especially poor quality in relation to their marketed products- especially in rather poorer areas of the world. 

Unsurprisingly, the way the ‘system’ is currently organised is undeniably tailored to satisfy the needs and benefits of the creators of the world’s prolific platforms. This, in fact, is usually present at a direct cost to the consumers as it essentially prioritizes the platform’s monetary benefits over its marketerial integrity and consequently does little to accurately represent the interests of the consumers of such virtual platforms.

On the other hand, the Blockchain industry is said to provide a significant degree of monetary benefits to consumers which is arguably commensurate to the essential role that they partake in the world economy, and consequently has served as a ‘game-changing shift’ in accordance with Kailash Rawat.

Virtual Real Estate: Cutting out the MiddleMan

Kailash is additionally an eminent figure in the world of real estate- having individually undertaken crucial steps in the virtual transformation of the market, and authoring the prolifically successful book called ‘Blockchain Technology: A Property Market Game-Changer’.

In the book, Rawat analytically details the common formalities that are associated with the purchase of real estate- such as the importance of deeds, and highlights the significant shift that the industry has seen from the more ‘conventional paper deeds’ to the digitally specialised online platforms with digital tokens. Such a mechanism provides the ability for individuals to manage their asset ownership based unilaterally on Blockchain- similarly to Ethereum Blockchain, and has consequently paved the way towards a much more holistically transparent purchasing environment. (Such philosophies are consistent with those held by eminent American financial investor and author of ‘Life after Google’, George Gilder.)

Kailash Rawat is additionally currently working on the development of a revolutionary real estate virtual platform that has been tailor-made to unilaterally cut out the ‘middleman’ and consequently enable persons of a variety of economic and social backgrounds to earn a robust income and develop a prolific career in real estate without the need to rely on a bank or any other unreliable third-party mechanism.

The aforementioned marketplace will provide a plethora of exclusive benefits to its users. These include: a) the ability for potential purchasers to liaise directly with sellers and vice versa, b) newly developed software which effectively reduces the total time for a purchase to be fulfilled by significantly automating the paperwork and any other legal formality that is commonly required, c) an ability for private and institutional entrepreneurs to fund mortgages on both an individual level and at a fund, and d) the exclusive opportunity for the site’s prolific investors to acquire dividends from the commercial properties as a result of its ‘tokenized scheme’.

Final Take: Philanthropy and Business Coaching

As a business Coach, Kailash Rawat is said to adopt a holistically inclusive approach that incorporates all aspects of the blockchain industry- exploring a variety of fundamentally basic concepts in conjunction with industry-leading complexities. 

It is clear that Rawat has evidently taken it upon himself to provide tailored, free-of-charge coaching services to a plethora of underprivileged individuals via a prolific number of live chats, specialised videos, and business affiliations- a testament to the eminent Blockchain colossal’s corporate ethos and philanthropic personality. 

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