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From Passion to Profit: The Ultimate Guide to Making Money by Teaching Online

Did you know you can earn money teaching online?

Surprised? Well, don’t be.

When it comes to teaching, both teachers and students are accustomed to sitting in a class and learning concepts. But post-pandemic, the concept of teaching changed completely, with online teaching taking a prominent hold and transforming the entire eLearning industry.

Statistics show the eLearning industry is expected to reach a whopping $374.3 billion by 2026.

Online teaching is popular as teachers can control their schedules, teach subjects they love work with learners from anywhere, and, yes, make a lot of money.

Who Can Make Money Teaching Online?

Online tutoring is tremendously growing, with many opportunities for everyone. Yes, for everyone, not just for qualified teachers who have experience in teaching schools.

Yes, you heard it right.

No matter whether you are a passionate educator who is a homemaker now or a retired teacher who is looking for more tutoring opportunities from the comfort of your home.

The money you make by teaching online varies considerably with different factors, but it can be rewarding as you are helping people learn new things.

How to Make Money Teaching Online?

If you want to teach online and earn money while working from home or work while traveling, online tutoring is the right career path for you.

Making extra money, either working full-time or as a part-time online tutor, can completely transform your life.

If you are looking for how to make money teaching online but wondering, “Is this something I can do” we are here to guide you in the right direction.

Let’s get started.

How much money an online tutor can make

The revenue you can generate by teaching online varies from tutor to tutor, the subject you are teaching, how you are tutoring (one-to-one classes or group coaching), and more.

Teaching advanced subjects, micro-niches, etc., tend to get paid higher than other subjects.

On average, online tutors beginning their careers can make around $ 15 an hour and work towards making over $100 an hour and more.

You can make money teaching online and build a profitable source of income whether you want to work full-time or take it up as a side gig.

As you are good with the subject you wish to teach or you have the educational back and tutoring experience required, you can make good earnings by teaching online and start your journey into the work of online tutoring,

So here are different ways to teach online and make money.

Private tutoring- One-to-one and group classes

If you want to teach online and make money, you can take one-to-one and group classes. Depending on the type of tutoring you offer, like one-to-one classes or group classes, live classes or pre-recorded lessons, the tutoring rates can range from $20 to $100 per hour.

You can decide how many hours to teach per week with private online tutoring. For example, you can work 2 to 5 hours per week or even 20 hours per week, and as the number of hours you invest increases, you can earn a lot more.

Subscription packages

You can sell your classes as a bundle when looking for different ways to earn money teaching online. This is another excellent strategy that assures recurring revenue. If you can provide ongoing content as an online tutor, you can consider selling class bundles on a subscription-based model.

Pay-per class

Charging upfront for each class is one of the basic yet powerful ways to make money teaching online. Paid classes are great when starting out because your students can test out your classes before committing to pay for your subscriptions.

Tiered payment systems

When you have established yourself as an online tutor and you have started getting students, you can build tiered payment systems where you provide different price packages. Different price packages must be tied with different perks. Make sure the pricing reflects the quality.

Paid course certificates

If you are teaching an online course, you can make money by selling course certificates to your students upon completing the course.

Effective Ways to Increase Revenue as an Online Tutor

Online teaching is lucrative, but if you aim to teach online and make money, you must find the best approaches to make money from an online class. You can increase your revenue by using the right strategies and hosting your classes on the right platform.

Here are some effective strategies you can implement to increase the money you make by teaching online.

Expand your reach

You can make more money when the number of students you teach increases. Due to geographical limitations, the reach of private tutors was formerly restricted. However, a private online tutor can teach students anywhere from home. Being an online tutor, you must take advantage of the resources you have so that you can make more money.

Create and sell online courses

Teaching an online course or courses alongside taking private classes is an excellent way to increase your income. Online courses are great in one way that you only have to put in effort one time, and then the course can bring in recurring revenue. You create once, and it brings in money for you. Create original content and will bring extra money for online tutors.

Build your own online tutoring website

If you are learning how to make money teaching online, you must invest in an online tutoring website of your own. To host your online classes, you need a platform to schedule and conduct classes, accept payments, and interact with your students. Your tutoring website is the best place to host your online classes and courses, and in this way, you can keep all the revenue you generate for yourself as there is no third party involved.

If you are on a restricted budget, the best way to create a tutoring website is to use online tutoring software like Pinlearn. The software has all the important features to run your online tutoring business quickly and effortlessly. You can conduct live online classes, and online courses become effortless if you choose the right software that suits your needs.

Simplify your online class booking

Most online tutors lose out on their prospects due to the hectic and confusing booking process. Set an organized schedule to fix the time slot of your class to make more money.

You can implement a quick booking process if you have your tutoring website.

Here are some of the things you need to implement:

  • Scheduling online classes with a button click.
  • 24/7 online class booking.
  • Implement smart integration like an online whiteboard and high-quality video calling.


Online teaching has become a lucrative industry with a decent revenue flow. Stay consistent in what you do and work hard to excel in online tutoring.

Improvise your services a little more than your competitors, and you see the money flowing. Invest in improving the quality of your online classes, and the results will follow.

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