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From Istanbul to Beijing: Brands and Celebs Shine at Moscow Fashion Week

Moscow Fashion Week

From March 1st-8th, Moscow, Russia plays host to Moscow Fashion Week (MFW), a premier event in the European emerging fashion panorama. Mixing creativity and diversity, the event unites over 120 designers from 11 countries, creating a hotspot for innovation within the fashion industry.

Moscow Fashion Week

Moscow Fashion Week

MFW 2024 puts the diversity of global aesthetics and fashion on display, presenting the unique spins of international designers on classic fabrics. Turkish designer Emre Erdemoglu, China’s 致画ZHIHUA, India’s NBC Brand and Geisha Designs, and Brazil’s AO brand provides a scenic journey into the heart of their respective fashion landscapes.

Moscow Fashion Week

Photo by Mastewal Alemu

In addition to its global line-up, MFW 2024’s melting pot extends to Africa with the likes of Mastewal Alemu from Ethiopia and Boys of Soweto from South Africa. Cinematic appeal comes via acclaimed stars like Turkey’s Gizem Karaca, renowned for Safir, China’s Lily Ji, famed for Pacific Rim 2, and Italian film legend Ornella Muti.

Moscow Fashion Week

Photo by Kisselenko

On the home front, over 100 Russian designers led by Vassa&Co, Maison ESVE, Bitte_Ruhe, Julia Dalakian, and Kisselenko give the world a taste of Russia’s unique blend of fashion narrative and avant-garde design.

With its influence extending across 50 countries, MFW stands as a crucial player on the global fashion stage, offering up a host of exhibits, lectures, and B2B opportunities. Its rapid growth echoes the accelerated expansion of the Russian fashion market, attracting international brands to a stage where they can forge meaningful business connections.

Moscow Fashion Week

Photo by Gapanovich

Beyond the boundaries of Moscow, MFW reverberates globally, pulling in more than 70,000 spectators per event while captivating an online audience of 5 million viewers. The passion MFW sparks among its participants and viewers attest to its place as a leader among Russia’s fashion circuits.

Looking ahead, Moscow Fashion Week promises to keep ascending the international ranks, serving as a critical platform for emerging designers while affording brands the opportunity to exhibit their culture and contemporary fashion vision on a global platform.

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