From Hospital Halls to Snowy Falls: Meet Snowboarding Days Founder, Fraser Henderson

If you thought you knew dedication, wait till you hear about Fraser Henderson. Picture this: By day, he’s knee-deep in medical journals, consulting patients, and rocking a white coat. By night? He’s shredding snowy trails, becoming a snowboarding legend with his creation, Snowboarding Days™. Sounds like something right off a film reel, doesn’t it?

Now, take a moment to visualize a bustling hospital on one side and the silent, serene snow-covered mountains on the other. Fraser found himself wedged between these two worlds, drawn irresistibly towards both. Weekdays saw him buried in medicine and patient care, but the weekends? Pure snowboarding magic. As his ardor for the sport intensified, Fraser didn’t stop at just being a casual rider. Avalanche safety, backcountry guiding, altitude sickness seminars – he immersed himself fully, eventually emerging as a sought-after snowboard instructor and gear expert.

Here’s the thing though: even after bagging that coveted ‘Doctor’ prefix, Fraser’s snowy escapades didn’t hit the brakes. Instead, he amplified it. From carving his journey across Japan’s pristine snowscapes to navigating the expansive slopes of Whistler, Canada, Fraser’s snowboarding adventures became as integral as his stethoscope.

Fraser’s blend of medical expertise and snowboarding love birthed a unique talent: gear reviewing. But not the usual kind. Think in-depth, analytical, dissecting every stitch, material, and curve. This wasn’t just a doctor reviewing gear; this was a snowboarding savant with a clinical approach. Snowboarding Days™ soon became a portal brimming with genuine snowboard reviews, insightful articles, and to make it even sweeter, they introduced their own snowboard clothing line. Major respect, right?

Now, let’s delve a tad deeper. Fraser’s snowboarding evolution saw him not just mastering the trails but becoming engrossed in the anatomy of snowboarding gear. His medical know-how met his snowboarding prowess, resulting in an in-depth gear analysis. Deciphering materials, gauging durability, and assessing performance – Fraser became the snowboarding world’s gear detective. This intersection of his two worlds caught the snowboarding industry’s eye, and soon he was a celebrated gear maestro.

In Fraser’s own words, “Starting snowboarding was an escape from the medical grind. Those hospital walls, they can get to you. But the mountains? Pure freedom. Initially, it was about the thrill, the escape. But as I delved deeper, it became about mastery, about understanding the craft in its entirety. The precision I use in medicine, I applied that to my snowboarding pursuits. It surprises many when they hear a doctor is so engrossed in snowboarding. But why box passion? Diagnosing a condition or breaking down a snowboard’s mechanics – it’s all about dedication. Snowboarding Days™ is more than just a platform; it’s my escape into the snowboarding universe. It’s also my way of giving back to the snowboarding community.”

But Fraser isn’t navigating the snowy trails of Snowboarding Days™ alone. Meet his partners in crime: Tom Fortune and Ben Simon. Tom, with a flair for words almost as sharp as his snowboarding skills, brings an experienced writer’s touch to the platform. His tales from the slopes are not just informative but downright immersive, reflecting his seasoned journey as a snowboarder. Then there’s Ben, whose resume reads like the dream roadmap for any snowboard enthusiast. Certified as a snowboarding instructor, Ben has delved deep into the snowboarding industry’s heart and soul. From the intricate processes of board manufacture to the retail nuances of snowboard stores and even working with the giants at Burton Snowboards, Ben’s expansive experience is invaluable. Together, this trio ensures that Snowboarding Days™ remains authentic, informed, and always riding on the edge of innovation.

With Snowboarding Days™, Fraser has sculpted a safe space for snowboarders everywhere. It’s also a reminder that you really can do anything you set your mind to. And sometimes, chasing two dreams isn’t madness; it’s genius. Hats off!

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