From Curious Kid to CEO: The Story of Reeve Yew

he Story of Reeve Yew

The go-to expert in building sales funnels, a co-founder of a digital marketing company, and an invitation-only member of the Forbes Business Council in 2020 – this is what Reeve Yew is all about. How was he able to do all this in a relatively short period? Here’s his story that inspires thousands.

Early age

Reeve was only 15 when he first attempted to make money online. At that age, he started reselling Chinese products and made roughly $2,500 a month. 

Despite tasting success at a young age, Reeve realized that his primary interest was learning how businesses could leverage their online presence to reach their target audience and increase their bottom line. And so, he learned web development skills on his own. 

While he was in university, Reeve developed many landing pages for various international clients. This not only helped him gain experience, but he also made nearly $27,302 in just 3 months.

After graduating, Reeve set out to become his boss and work toward his childhood dream of becoming an entrepreneur. But like every new business owner, things were a bit shaky for him in the beginning. 

One time, he stumbled upon an empty box scam involving an electric violin where he lost $2,000.     Reeve was hoping to bring his business idea to life at the time, a freelancer website. He found himself borrowing $5,000 from his parents as he wanted to pursue his plans for the site, feeling optimistic that it would change the freelancing landscape. Unfortunately, the site didn’t take off, and Reeve shut it down in 7 months.

Growth of Funnel Duo Media

While building his dropshipping website when he was 15, Reeve started to understand the importance of driving targeted visitors. This drove him to learn as much as he can about funnel building, knowing full well that it could hold the key to attracting the right audience and boosting sales. He goes so far as to say that he probably wouldn’t be in the position he’s currently at without learning about how funnels worked. 

Reeve implemented everything he knew about funnels on his websites. This led him to develop different marketing plans depending on his target audience’s needs and behaviors. Once he understood what they wanted, he came up with tailor-made and data-based funnels that helped to convert the audience into actual customers.

In addition to developing funnels for his website, Reeve also started tracking his weekly sales to see if his plan worked consistently over a while. Upon monitoring the rise in sales, he concluded that his experiment worked. This gave him the confidence to extend his service to other entrepreneurs.

Reeve and his brother, Jackson, founded Funnel Duo Media in 2018. Business owners were bowled over by the strategies that Reeve offered. His innovative solutions worked wonders, and that helped the company grow rapidly. 

Now, Funnel Duo Media makes 6 figures of revenue consistently every month. Reeve’s knowledge and experience in sales funnels and his journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur made Forbes Business Council invite him as a member in 2020.

Funnel Duo Media isn’t just a company that builds sales funnels today. It also focuses on developing landing pages, marketing strategizing, and business consultation. The owners even had the experience of working with top names in the industry like Brad Lea, Frank Kern, and Mike Dillard.

Reeve believes that automating online business and implementing funnels according to your audience’s unique needs can make any business successful. He now spends most of his time speaking at marketing events and hosting online webinars centered on funnels and how they can be a difference-maker.

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