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From Cuffs to Beads: Exploring Men’s Bracelet Trends

Bracelets for men and guys. It’s a mix of both. In the past couple of decades, bracelets for men have become an extremely popular fashion. Particularly among those who are fashion-conscious. From bracelets made of leather to braided cord, metal cuffs, wooden beads, and more, fashion icons and movie stars are playing with their wrists (beyond the flimsy watch) and embracing the bracelet.

However, not without some guidelines, Of course. The trick is finding a bracelet that isn’t a sign that you’ve shopped around in your girlfriend’s jewelry box. You want fashionable and masculine pieces made of attractive materials and with colours that can be used to create mixing and matching.

It’s not just that this type of accessory boosts your appearance; it’s also much easier and more relaxing – than using a hot partner to boost your style. We’ve compiled a list of the top men bracelets. Give your wrist a little affluence.

Metal Chains & Cuffs

Historically, men’s metal bracelets, rooted in military traditions, have been the most sought-after due to their ruggedness and simplicity. Finding specific ID bracelets is essential, and they are rated high on the masculinity scale because of their size and silver tone.

Use them on your own and wear them on your right wrist in front of your watch. You can also try matching the colour of the metal to the watch to give a more refined appearance to your jewelry style.

When it comes to cuffs made from metal, make sure you don’t purchase one that resembles a Bangle. The oxidized or burned-out look of the metal makes the cuff look more elegant. Combining a leather cuff made of metal can add durability to the wrist. Additionally, it’s a fantastic option to add the appearance of texture and layering.

Leather Band Bracelets

Similar to metal, men’s leather bracelets are masculine, and their formalities are fun to play around with. Wider cuffs are considered more casual, while finer and thinner bracelets are more elegant.

Leather bracelets can be made by weaving or simply a single piece of leather which is wrapped once or twice around your wrist. It is then closed or tied with an earring or a clasp to secure it. In contrast to metallic bracelets, the leather looks great against the dials of watches, enhancing the wrist beautifully when you put your timepiece and bracelet in the same hand.

Fabric Woven Bracelets

The fabric is very well-known, similar to the leather version mentioned above. However, the poly or cotton mixture makes it less expensive than animal hide. In addition, the pattern and colour are where the woven fabric shines.

Choose an appropriate colour to match your tie or pocket square for a formal outfit as well as your cotton shorts for you at the pool. Woven bracelets for men are made to be worn with watches or to complement a ring. They can look stunning when worn with a metal and leather bracelet, which covers all the basics of your bracelet.

Hybrid Charm Bracelets

It is worth mentioning that there is a special order for this hybrid type. The style varies based on the type of brand and event however, it generally has the basic bracelet made of fabric or leather and a striking metal element like the clasp or a charm made of metal on the men’s wristband.

The hybrid of fabric and metal design makes it more flashy than other styles of the other bracelets, particularly if the band is a brightly coloured edge with a bling-ed metallic charm or a glitzy clasp with a bold design (think the anchor or an insect and flower).

Bead Bracelets

In recent years beads have gained the top spot as the most popular accessory for the arm for males. The reason for their popularity is the variety of styles available. From wood-based varieties – an ethnic look – to luxurious crystal or bone-like varieties, and cheaper and older plastic designs, you’ll be able to discover a style that will suit your personality, style and attire.

They look amazing in a stack, mixing patterns, size, material, and colour to create a look that’s oh-so-perfect for you.

When you’re dressed in a formal outfit, opt for monochrome and minimal and summer-related events like weddings, races, or other events – you need colour and texture and a smattering of the colours of your outfit to make your male bracelet stand out.


What should you wear with a masculine cuff bracelet?

When putting on a bracelet for cuffs, make sure you make it as easy as possible. Cuffs made of leather and metal can be worn however, try to find one which is wider instead of being those that are thinner. Also, ensure it is in harmony with the watch (if you own one). Silver is the most secure option before you move on to leather and gold.

Can I wear a watch and a bracelet at the same time?


Yes, you can! It’s totally OK to pair a bracelet or two with your watch. Be aware of the type of bracelet and whether or not it might scratch your watch.

How do I find the right size?

Use a measuring tape or piece of string to measure your wrist size. Measure just above the wrist bone to get the correct bracelet size.

Final Words

There are basic guidelines and customs, but bracelets are an individual preference for men. The choice you make can represent your casual style even if you’re dressed in formal clothes, or it could be a sign of cohesion which demonstrates that this man is at ease with his style.

As with any other piece of jewelry, Buy something you love in appearance, and to wear, whether on its own as a watch or with other bracelets.

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