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From China to the World: Shangjian AI’s Ambitious Expansion Plan into the US Market

American manufacturing is seeing a resurgence, and Chinese company Shangjian Intelligence wants to help. Their AI-based Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) software promotes lean manufacturing principles throughout the supply chain, optimizing management processes, improving production efficiency, and reducing production costs. 


While manufacturing concerns in China have long benefited from their innovative solutions, Shangjian Intelligence is now coming to the US.


The benefits of Shangjian Intelligence

Liang Yi Founder and CEO

Shangjian Intelligence leverages artificial intelligence to identify ways to make operations more efficient and deliver real results. “On average, our Intelligent Lean Planning and Scheduling software system can help increase the upper limit of production capacity and shorten the production cycle by more than 15%,” says Yi Liang, founder of Shangjian Intelligence.


As manufacturing executives know, streamlining processes by even a single percentage point can translate into substantial increases in the bottom line. Just imagine what 15% would do for your company.


Shangjian Intelligence also reduces the costs related to manufacturing, which increases companies’ profitability. “On average, our Intelligent Lean Planning and Scheduling software system can reduce the number of Inventory Turnover Days by more than 20% for clients,” says Liang. “That corresponds to a reduction of more than 15% in manufacturing costs and an increase in profitability by more than 25%.”


But that’s not all Shangjian Intelligence can do to upgrade manufacturing. According to Liang, Shangjian Intelligence’s solution optimizes enterprise management processes. “This frees factory planners and managers from low-level, repetitive labor,” he explains. “That way, they can devote more time to higher-order tasks like production process optimization and innovation.”


If that wasn’t enough, Shangjian Intelligence can also reduce manufacturers’ carbon footprints. “Our solution enables you to reduce energy consumption per unit of product by more than 15%,” Liang says.


Why Shangjian Intelligence is expanding to the US


US companies will soon be able to take advantage of these benefits for themselves. That’s because Shangjian Intelligence is coming to our shores.


“US markets are attractive for several different reasons,” Liang explains. “First and foremost, manufacturing is returning to the US. Moreover, APS software programs have enjoyed a long history (starting with the end of World War II in the last century) and a high degree of acceptance in the US. Meanwhile, the cost of global supply chains is rising, as well as human resources. Consequently, the demand for more efficient supply chain management is increasing, too.”


For these reasons, Liang observes that the US is currently undergoing a period of technology and product transformation. “Due to the aforementioned industry and technology opportunities, the current market size is in the order of tens of billions of dollars,” he says. “With the adoption of new technologies, the penetration of the new generation of products will be greatly increased, and the market volume will also increase rapidly.”


The advanced state of technological development in the US also attracted the attention of Shangjian Intelligence. “We perceive a lot of opportunity in the US,” Liang says. “The rapid development of artificial intelligence, generative modeling, big data, and other technologies has provided the technological conditions for the maturation of a new generation of supply chain management decision-making software there.”


Finally, the US has the highly skilled experts Shangjian Intelligence is looking for. “The US has gathered the most technology talents in the field of artificial intelligence and big data,” Liang says. Tapping into this brain boom promises to help Shangjian Intelligence continue to improve its technology.


How Shangjian Intelligence will expand in the US


The first step of Shangjian Intelligence’s business plan involves promoting Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products in the US. “This effort is well underway,” Liang says. “We’ve already reached partnership agreements with Amazon and Google, and our SaaS products have been deployed on Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud.”


The next step is to set up a core research and development team in the US. “The idea is to utilize the rich concentration of high-end talents in the US to further strengthen product power,” Liang explains. Due to the heavy concentration of top tech experts in Austin, Texas, Shangjian Intelligence is considering locating its primary headquarters there.


The company also plans to establish a customer service and after-sales team to provide comprehensive support for existing customers, and a consulting team to provide guidance for new ones. “We will offer full wraparound services,” Liang says. “We want to forge cooperative relationships with local industries and industry associations in the US with a particular emphasis on new energy, automobile manufacturing, chip manufacturing, cable and fiber optic cable, consumer electronics, petrochemicals, and other fields.”


Using funds from the business’s existing presence in China, Shangjian Intelligence anticipates establishing a research and development team of 20 to 30 people in its first year in the US. For the next three years, the strategic plan calls for 50% annual increases. “Within three years, we aim to serve over 200 companies and achieve business revenue of over 10 million dollars,” Liang says.


Shangjian Intelligence’s long-term plan is even more impressive. “Our goal is to serve over 1,500 customers worldwide and reach over $100 million in business revenue within 10 years,” Liang says.


The future of manufacturing is Shangjian Intelligence


Shangjian Intelligence is already a powerhouse in the AI-based production and planning services space. Indeed, Shangjian Intelligence’s system is so effective that it has helped several manufacturers attain Lighthouse Factory status. Lighthouse factories use cutting-edge Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies to improve operations in ways that serve as beacons to others.


American manufacturers will soon be able to profit from Shangjian Intelligence’s efficiency-boosting, expense-trimming software solutions. By expanding onto American soil and gaining the help of our tech talent, Shangjian Intelligence promises to continue revolutionizing manufacturing for the better.

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