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From Brazil to America: Leandro Chaves, Trailblazing Civil Engineer Poised to Revolutionize U.S. Infrastructure

Leandro Chaves

Brazil is about to impact American infrastructure and engineering in the person of Leandro Chaves. Brazilian native Chaves envisions his groundbreaking business venture to bring huge value and benefits to the U.S. transport infrastructure industry. With the introduction of Chaves’ brainchild project, 2L CONSULTING LLC, Chaves plans to revolutionize the way consulting, planning, and advice services are provided to transport infrastructure operators and government agencies involved in crucial infrastructure projects.

At the core of Chaves’ vision is a focus on empowering clients within the industry, enabling them to achieve remarkable advancements in the design, execution, and intermodal management of construction projects spanning roads, railways, waterways, ports, and airports. Recognizing the significance of these sectors for the nation’s economic growth, 2L CONSULTING LLC aims to deliver unrivaled support tailored specifically to the U.S. transport infrastructure landscape.

The true differentiating factor of Chaves’ endeavor lies in the unparalleled benefits it offers to the industry as a whole. Through their expertise, 2L CONSULTING LLC equips clients with the tools to maximize savings, reduce labor costs, and mitigate environmental risks. By providing a comprehensive view of resource allocation, the company enables clients to optimize their utilization of materials, labor, and specialized skills, thus contributing to the overall efficiency and effectiveness of infrastructure projects.

Drawing upon Chaves’ experience and that of his selected partners’ analytical acumen, 2L CONSULTING LLC will conduct meticulous evaluations of each task, identifying potential risks and developing robust action plans for risk mitigation. This strategic approach empowers clients to direct their efforts and resources towards critical activities, ensuring the prioritization of risk reduction measures. By doing so, Chaves and his team contribute to enhancing the safety and resilience of U.S. transport infrastructure, resulting in improved performance and longevity of these essential systems.

As the U.S. transport infrastructure industry continues to evolve, the arrival of Leandro Chaves and his visionary business project signals a significant turning point. By leveraging their innovative approach and unwavering commitment, 2L CONSULTING LLC is poised to elevate the standards of project execution within the industry, ultimately benefiting not only clients but also the nation as a whole. With Chaves at the helm, a brighter future awaits the U.S. transport infrastructure sector, paving the way for remarkable advancements and sustainable growth.

Leandro Chaves’ ambitions to make an impact on U.S. infrastructure follow his career marked by consistent accomplishments. Chaves’ road to America began with a civil engineering degree from Brazil’s Paulista University, setting the stage for an exemplary career that got him noticed in Latin America.

With a robust professional history working with notable Brazilian institutions, such as the National Department of Transport Infrastructure (DNIT) and Votorantim Cimentos S.A., Chaves currently contributes his expertise to the Getulio Vargas Institution (FGV) as a civil engineer. Prior to his tenure at FGV, which began in 2020, he held roles at Engemap Engenharia e Aerolevantamento Ltda and Inframérica Concessionária do Aeroporto – Brasília S.A. His engineering journey began in 2010 with Porto Belo Engenharia e Comércio Ltda, immediately after his graduation.

Chaves’ professional journey is marked by significant achievements. Notable amongst these are his implementation of hiring processes for the maintenance and rehabilitation of special art works (OAEs) under the Program of Structures Maintenance and Rehabilitation (PROARTE/DNIT), and his influential role in the Avança VC Project, which played a key role in expanding Votorantim’s market share.

In the realm of airport maintenance, Chaves demonstrated his technical prowess and innovation, automating activity designation, setting priorities, and tracking execution and completion of maintenance tasks. He even participated in the creation of Terms of Reference for contracting engineering projects in highway infrastructure.

Sandra Patricia Echeverria Fernandez, a prominent civil engineer and assistant professor at the Instituto Superior de Brasilia, commended Chaves’ drive to succeed, stating, “Mr. Chaves is exceptionally talented, and he is not only an outstanding professional but an individual with an incredible drive to succeed in the field of Civil Engineering.”

Alice Teles, a former colleague from the Fundação Getulio Vargas, is equally as effusive, noting that America’s gain in welcoming Chaves is a loss for Brazil. Teles and Chaves began working together in 2020 and continued their collaboration when Chaves joined the SICRO maintenance team, where Teles served as coordinator.

In this new role, Chaves faced a formidable challenge: revising SICRO’s Transport Infrastructure Cost Manuals. Despite being a newcomer, Chaves demonstrated exceptional aptitude in handling this task. He successfully updated the methodologies, assumptions, and parameters used to calculate reference prices, incorporating new technologies, equipment, and materials.

Chaves’ arrival in the USA promises an infusion of fresh perspectives and innovation in the civil engineering sector. As an engineer certified by Brazil’s Regional Councils of Engineering and Agronomy (CREA) and a committed industry innovator, Chaves stands as a testament to professional evolution and industry progression. His arrival on American shores is sure to make waves, heralding a new era of advanced practices in civil engineering.

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