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From Adversity into an Asset: The Inspiring Journey of Lewis Raymond Taylor

Lewis Raymond Taylor, born on 17th May 1990, emerges as a shining example of resilience and determination. Hailing from the United Kingdom, Lewis wears many hats as an internationally Professionally Credentialed Coaching Trainer (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation, an Entrepreneur, Actor, Movie Producer, and the CEO & Founder of “The Coaching Masters,” a game-changing coaching academy valued at over $25 million. His journey to the top is marked by global recognition as an international public speaker, sharing the limelight with influential figures like Tony Robbins, Les Brown, and Marissa Peer. 

Childhood and Teenage Struggles:

Lewis Taylor was born in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom, to parents Julie Karen Taylor and Raymond John Taylor. At an early age, he faced numerous challenges, including mental illness, sexual abuse, and trauma, which had a profound impact on his formative years. Unfortunately, Lewis’s troubles escalated, leading to expulsion from school at the age of 15.

Turning Point and Self-Transformation:

At 18 years old, Lewis found himself in a young offender’s institution, the next seven years were marked by substance misuse, prison sentences, and violence, compounded by the loss of his father to cancer and a suicide attempt. However, amid these trials, he realized the need to take responsibility for his life and make positive changes.

Emergence as a Life Coach and Entrepreneur:

Lewis embarked on a path of self-discovery, seeking therapy, rehabilitation, and engaging in charity work. His personal growth journey ultimately led him to become a qualified Life Coach, with the intention of helping others overcome their challenges and improve their lives. Despite choosing to pursue further education in Business at Highbury College and Business Management and Entrepreneurship at Portsmouth University, Lewis decided to follow his entrepreneurial instincts and start his own business career just 3 months after joining the university.

The Birth of “The Coaching Masters”:

In a remarkable display of resilience and determination, Lewis then founded “The Coaching Masters,” a coaching academy that has rapidly become the fastest-growing company in the coaching industry, achieving an astounding valuation of $25 million. The academy’s success is attributed to Lewis’s exceptional coaching skills and his passion for empowering others to realize their full potential.

Inspiring Others through Public Speaking:

Beyond his entrepreneurial ventures, Lewis has also garnered global recognition as an international public speaker. Sharing the stage with iconic personalities like Tony Robbins, Les Brown, and Marissa Peer, he has delivered powerful talks that resonate with audiences worldwide. Among his notable achievements in public speaking is a thought-provoking TEDx talk titled “Turning a Black Hole, White.”

Fulfilling the important spaces in life:

In 2022, Lewis Taylor married Dayana Carmona, whom he met in Barcelona. The couple has travelled extensively, dividing their time between Bali, Dubai, and the UK. Their journey was marred by the tragic loss of their first child, Mia Taylor, during a stillbirth pregnancy. Despite this heartbreak, Lewis and Dayana have persevered, and they are now eagerly anticipating the arrival of their second child.

From Shareholder to Spotlight:

Furthermore, Lewis has established himself as a prominent figure in the film industry, taking on roles as an owner, producer, and actor. Notably, he holds a significant stake in the renowned multi-million dollar production company, Camelot Films. This esteemed company gained recognition for its exceptional work on the film “Prizefighter,” which starred A-list actors Russell Crowe and Ray Winston. Cementing its position as an industry powerhouse, Camelot Films continues to excel in the entertainment realm. In addition to his producing endeavours, Lewis is poised to grace popular streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon with his appearances in upcoming films.

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