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Fresh Engagements Guide to Growing Your Instagram Organically

Are you trying to grow an engaged and authentic following on Instagram? Whether you’re a social media guru or new to the game it can definitively be a challenge. Luckily we caught up with the team at Fresh Engagements to give us some insider tips on Instagram growth.

If you haven’t heard of them, Fresh Engagement is a social media branding agency with a lot of experience under its belt. They work with clients from all industries to maximize their social media presence. And when it comes to organic Instagram growth, there is no one who does it better.

The truth is not everyone can afford, or needs, a dedicated social media team to help them grow their Instagram following. So what tips can you follow to help you get ahead? There are many ways to naturally grow your Instagram following. And Fresh Engagements is sharing those tips with us today.

Tip 1 – Build a Content Strategy

Any good social media manager will tell you the first step to growing your Instagram following is to have a content strategy. By putting together a plan and schedule for your content, it will make managing that aspect of your Instagram that much easier. Having a clear view of what you’re looking to post makes creating content easier and also gives you a pipeline of content. This will help ensure you can be active consistently on Instagram, which only helps the algorithm to work in your favor.

Tip 2 – Post Valuable Content

On a platform like Instagram, it’s all about your visual content. And if your content is not up to par, it won’t attract any followers. So it’s important that the content you create is of the highest quality. But quality is only one factor that deems your content valuable. You need to make sure that your content fits within your niche, or industry so that you are attracting the right demographic of followers to your page.

Tip 3 – Engage With Your Audiences

No one likes to be left on reading. So when it comes to building an organic Instagram following, it’s important that you interact and engage with your audience. There are so many ways you can do this. Firstly, it’s extremely important that you reply to all your comments and DMs, especially those that are asking questions. You also want to encourage your followers to engage with you. You can do this by creating calls to action in your captions, or using interactive tools on your Instagram Stories like creating polls or asking questions.

Another way you can grow your audience is to engage with your followers and potential followers’ content on their profiles. It doesn’t cost anything to like and comment on someone’s posts. This is especially important if you’ve been tagged in the post.

Tip 4 – Collaborate With Your Peers

A great way to expand your reach to a totally new audience is to collaborate with a peer or someone within your industry. This can be with another business, an Influencer, or an industry expert. And the ways in which you can collaborate are truly endless! You can create a content campaign, hold a giveaway or host a discussion on Instagram Live. This will help get you some exposure with an audience that could convert you into followers.

Tip 5 – Use Analytical Tools to Your Advantage

You can try all the tricks in the world, but if you’re not understanding how your content is being received you’re going in blind. That is why using the analytic tools at your disposal is so valuable. Chances are you’re running a Business Account, which has built-in insights that can give you some perspective on things like your reach and your followers’ activities. But if Instagram Insights aren’t enough for you, there are also plenty of analytical tools for Instagram available online.

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