Freewallet Family launches update 2.0 for 16 standalone wallets   

The Freewallet Family has launched version 2.0 for 16 standalone wallets. The company updated 11 single-currency applications on Android and 5 apps on iOS for a total of 11 coins and tokens.  

The version 2.0 is available for Ardor, Bitcoin Gold, Dash, IGNIS, Lisk, NEO, NXT, Tether, Monero, ZCash, Bytecoin on Android. Concerning iOS, Bitcoin Gold, Dash, Lisk, Monero, Bytecoin are accessible to download. 

The Freewallet Family Development team has been working on the update for the last half-year. The programmers rescripted Android and iOS applications combining the most actual cross-platform and mobile application development frameworks. Wallets 2.0 represent hybrid apps, written using React and Apache Cordova. The updated mono wallets come with a lot of features and perks inside the programs. They are built to be user-friendly and well protected. Apps 2.0 update data and perform operations faster.   

“We have done considerable work for these six months. The latest version doesn’t have new features, the main transformations were implemented under the hood. We integrated up-to-date stack and transferred the main system’s logic to the back-end. First of all, we’ve focused on improving usability, and I hope our customers appreciate a new level of convenience’’ – said Solomon Brown, head of PR at Freewallet

The IT-department at Freewallet Family updated the Facebook SDK and the Account Kit SDK. Registering, authentication, sharing news, sending a message or liking content – each operation has become easier and more suitable. The developers integrated Firebase, Google’s mobile application development platform, as well as the analytical tool. Therefore, the system supports push-notifications on every device, including Apple Watch.

Certain refinements were designed to improve the security and stability of the system in a crisis moment. All pictures are compressed to facilitate the workload of the program. The data is kept in encrypted storage of the phone. The app reacts without the internet or in case of the back-end drop. “I see pay in and pay out notifications on my Apple Watch, and it’s very comfortable to stay tuned everywhere. The most important thing is that we integrated such kinds of features and didn’t reduce the level of safety. Providing complete security is our direct responsibility, and we are determined to justify the confidence of our users’’ – added Solomon Brown. 

The developers made a screen with the details of the balance, optimized localization and functionality and the appearance of 2FA. However, it’s important to highlight that 2-factor authentication is only one of three security features on the user side protecting the wallet from unauthorized access. 

In this update, Freewallet Family improved the majority of the platform’s parts:     

  • The main screen with balance and transactions
  • The screens with graphics and the currency rate
  • The settings screen
  • The Send screen
  • The Receive screen

About Freewallet

Freewallet Family was launched in 2016 and now includes 30+ standalone applications and Freewallet Lite – an HD wallet for iOS and Android. Freewallet: Crypto Wallet was listed as the third most popular online wallet for Android in 2018 and today supports 45+ coins and a vast range of ERC20 tokens on the web and for iOS and Android devices. 

If you have some suggestions or ideas for improvement, please write directly to Alexa Nommik, Chief Marketing Officer at Freewallet or fill the special form on the website.

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