Frantisek Hrinkanic’s 3 Step Guide To Ace At Being Crypto Preneur


“All it takes is a roadmap and the right guidance to walk the road not taken,” says Frantisek Hrinkanic, Founder & CEO of CryptoTips Academy.

For decades, the path to financial success has been simple and well-paved: fair well enough in high school to get into a good college, study hard there, and earn a degree in a desirable field and finally attain a high-paying job.

With the growing population and ever-increasing number of graduates with a degree in their hands, your skills and the need of the hour will be the two deciding factors for your venture to stand out in the hardest times. Post-pandemic the survival theory will not be the same. However, the traditional roadmap will not help you reach your destination, but your skills will give you an edge over the rest of the graduates.

It is evident that you have to pave your path but don’t forget that you’ll meet thousands who will be paving their path. To make this herculean journey worth every step, CryptoTips Academy will be honored to be the sailor of your ship.

To begin with, follow these 3 simple steps given by Frantisek Hrinkanic to commence your crypto venture.

1) Start With The Basics

 Coins, tokens, Initial Coin Offering, decentralization, smart contracts, dapps, cryptography etcetera. These are the ABCs of blockchain education. There’s much more to it and you have to learn them all. Build a strong and robust foundation all by yourself. This is your mise en place to enter the phenomenal world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain without signing up for a traditional education program. Just slowly and steadily you can strategically establish a career in cryptocurrencies.

2) Get A Mentor

 You can’t always have a perfect roadmap to head towards your dreams but you can always have a mentor who could become your compass to guide you in the right direction. Getting a mentor who has been there and knows every pothole in the path.

CryptoTips Academy is a Miami-based crypto venture that will help the emerging crypto enthusiasts with its tailored strategic solutions. If you’re already singing the praises of blockchains and cryptocurrencies, Frantisek Hrinkanic could be the best person to start your venture with.

3) Forge Your Own Way

Since traditional education doesn’t offer you a degree in blockchain, you have to forge your way. The market is flourishing with opportunities you just have to find your fit and bend it your way. Blockchain technology is completely new for the world so, it’s totally fine to fail. But exploring every nook of this technology will help you to mold in what’s the best for you. This 3 step guide will always help you rise and shine but it’s for you to dig in the details and thrive in whatever comes your way.

CryptoTips Academy is a consultancy company in the field of cryptocurrencies. If you’re seeking a mentor in this field, Frantisek Hrinkanic is your go-to person. Connect with him on Instagram

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