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Frank Lacaria & Christopher Bluga stun people with their purpose-driven business, Own Boss Supply Co.

Own Boss Supply Co

Own Boss Supply Co was established in a basement in 2020 and today has flourished as an apparel company that believes in turning the dreams of others of establishing business into reality.

The massive momentum and the crazy growth a few industries have created all these years can be attributed to many factors. Some say it is because of the increased adoption of the latest tech trends and advancements across sectors, while others highlight the relentless hard work and passion of business owners who brainstorm unconventional ideas and create unique businesses and growth for their niches. However, a few experts in the business world believe that combining both has led to maximum success for industries worldwide. Who better than Frank Lacaria and Christopher Bluga to serve as examples with their Own Boss Supply Co apparel company?

Creating a business for personal gains and success is one thing, but creating something that can help others lead their path to success and build successful companies is different. Frank and Christopher have done precisely that by establishing Own Boss Supply Co and creating historical success not just in the apparel industry with products like t-shirts, hoodies, accessories, and more but by setting up giveaways that give winners trucks, trailers, a piece of machinery that help them start their businesses.

Frank recalls how he started everything from his parent’s basement, while Christopher, with an Automotive Management degree, had returned to his kitchen and bathroom remodeling work. Frank called him one morning, and both started brainstorming ideas to set up and flourish Own Boss Supply Co.

Christopher worked for the company for two weeks, and Frank’s business venture of cutting concrete, among other things, had been suspended. Establishing Own Boss Supply Co gave them new hope for which they worked day in and day out. Today, with the same company, they have fulfilled their purpose of assisting aspiring business owners in achieving growth and success with their enterprises. This has given new motivation and hope to people to start their businesses through these giveaway setups.

Own Boss Supply Co (@ownbosssupplyco) launches the dreams of others into businesses and helps them become their boss.

As Own Boss Supply Co continues to evolve, its impact stretches beyond the conventional boundaries of the apparel industry. Their innovative approach to integrating business start-up support with their product offerings has redefined what it means to be a brand in today’s market. The giveaways, a hallmark of their strategy, are not just promotional tools but pivotal moments for many aspiring entrepreneurs. Each giveaway, meticulously planned, involves not just handing over keys to new trucks or equipment but also providing a foundation for winners to embark on their entrepreneurial journey. This unique blend of philanthropy and business has not only garnered significant attention but has also built a community of motivated individuals eager to make their mark in the business world.

The story of Frank and Christopher is a testament to the power of vision, resilience, and the willingness to help others succeed. In a world where the narrative of success is often painted as a solitary journey, Own Boss Supply Co stands out as a beacon of collective achievement.

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