Frank Gunderson Lists the Types of Jobs You Can Get If You Study Musicology In College  

Dr. Frank Gunderson is a musicology professor at Florida State University. One of the questions that he is frequently asked is what types of jobs you can get if you get a degree in music from a college. There are many different types of jobs that you can get if you obtain any type of music degree or study musicology in college. Listen in as Dr. Gunderson talks about some of these jobs.

Study Musicology In College  

Frank Gunderson States You Can Become a Performing Artist With Your Degree

Dr. Frank Gunderson says that one of the jobs you can get with a degree in music would be as a performing artist. While many mainstream musicians are selected based on their talent alone, many other performing artist positions look at your background and education, including musical theater or working with your favorite musician as a backup performer. Getting your degree can be a great way to break into a hard industry.

Frank Gunderson Explains How a Degree Can Help You As a Composer

Dr. Frank Gunderson says that another position that you can start to work in if you obtain a degree in a music-related field in college is a composer. Composers help write and make music come to life. Composers can work with artists, television shows, or movie producers to create music for commercials, soundtracks, and television shows or to create music specifically for a performing artist. Many composers get their start in college, learning the ins and outs of composing music commercially.

Frank Gunderson Describes How Artist Management Services Should Have a Degree

Dr. Frank Gunderson says that one of the lesser-known fields that you can get into if you study musicology in college is artist management services. Whether you are looking to become an artistic manager or director, you are looking to produce music, and having a music degree or background can be beneficial. Showing that you have studied music can give you a leg up on others who are trying to break into the industry but may not have the education you have.

Frank Gunderson Says You Can Work As a Teacher With a Degree

Dr. Frank Gunderson explains that the final type of job that you can obtain if you study musicology in college is a music teacher. Many people who have a passion for music also enjoy teaching music, just like Dr. Gunderston. Being able to teach students of any age about something you are passionate about and have a deep appreciation for can be extremely rewarding. If you love music, you may want to consider teaching music to students using a music-based college degree.

Frank Gunderson has spent his career helping others advance in the music industry. He has a love for music and loves helping students explore music and learn the various career paths that can open up to them if they decide to get a degree in a musical field.

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