Fragma Metaverse: It’s Solana After All


 After a long period of study, analysis and comparison, the Fragma Metaverse development team has opted for the Solana blockchain as the basis for the implementation of the platform’s Metaverse.

The choice in favor of Solana was made based on a number of reasons, in particular, due to the potential for network scalability and the high degree of gamification that will be included in the Fragma metaverse. 

Solana’s other advantages include a large community, high transaction processing speeds of up to 59,490 transactions per second, commissions as low as $0.00001 per transaction, and a large number of validator nodes that ensure there is no latency in processing and data transfer.

Conventional blockchains are synchronized with large chunks of transactions called blocks. In the case of per-block synchronization, a transaction cannot be processed until a certain period called the “block time” elapses. Solana claims that the implementation of the PoH, or the Proof-of-History algorithm, has helped it achieve fast and reliable synchronization, and therefore high transaction processing speed. All in spite of the fact that their blockchain is based on a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm.

Proof-of-History is not a consensus mechanism, but is rather used to enhance data plane protocols and ultimately improve the performance of the Solana Proof-of-Stake consensus. 

Fragma metaverse

Fragma is a metaverse that provides content creators with social mining and GameFi functionality along with an NFT Marketplace and a DAO governance structure. Advertisers, on the other hand, gain access to AR technologies that increase the effectiveness of advertising and simplify the creation and launch of ad campaigns and related content.

The Fragma Metaverse will be deployed on the popular and highly convenient Solana blockchain. The ability that Solana opens up for creating highly scalable DApps will pave the way for broad platform functionality and opportunities for the evolution of the Fragma Metaverse DAO.

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