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Fractal Joins Forces with SINE Foundation to Solve Data Privacy and Data Sharing Dilemmas

Fractal Joins Forces with SINE Foundation to Solve Data Privacy & Data Sharing Dilemmas

We’re thrilled to come together to build an innovative, highly secure, and privacy-preserving ecosystem for safe and efficient data collaboration.

SINE Foundation is a non-profit organization, consisting of professors of cryptography and economics, as well as innovative entrepreneurs: a “think-and-do tank” combining state of the art cryptography with proven governance mechanisms to make Secure Multi-Party Computation (SMPC) more than a theoretical possibility.

Through this partnership, we will collaboratively build the world’s first open-source SMPC matching engine, and develop the Smart Cookie technology. Aurel Stenzel, Co-Founder of the SINE Foundation, explains both SMPC and Smart Cookie technology in detail in this video.

As SINE Foundation designs and implements the foundation for lasting collaboration, Fractal will provide the infrastructure on which this SMPC-powered data collaboration will take place — the open-source data commons, and the means for the participants to exchange data in a self-sovereign way. Smart Cookie will be available by the end of Q1, 2022.

“​​The Smart Cookie technology we’re developing with SINE Foundation fits right into the Fractal Protocol mission. It aligns user consent and privacy with ad tech functionality, and is one of the first applications of multi-party computation technology. With the Smart Cookie, users stay in control of their data and publishers stay safe with GDPR.”

Julio Santos, Co-Founder and CTO of Fractal Protocol

But what exactly is Secure Multi-Party Computation?

Simply put, SMPC makes it possible to keep private data secure and personally controlled, while still allowing other parties to make mathematical computations on it — opening up the space for unprecedented data collaboration in all directions (B2B — B2C — C2C), while simultaneously ensuring data privacy. One big benefit of SMPC is that the person requesting the computation can verify that it was done correctly without seeing the underlying data. So we can support analyzers signing the results of an algorithm without exposing the data to the analyzer.

“Together with Fractal, SINE Foundation is building the world’s first open-source SMPC matching engine. With this tool, we can carry out fundamental actions required for a functional ad ecosystem such as ad prioritisation and ad delivery while maintaining the user’s privacy.”

Martin Pompéry, Co-Founder of the SINE Foundation

We close with more exciting news: we are officially announcing the Fractal Builder’s Program. If you’re interested in building on top of the Protocol (and possibly receiving some investment while doing so), let us know! We’ll have more details in the coming months.

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