Fr8 Network Could be one of the biggest ICOs this year: Here’s why

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If you are looking for one of the biggest current trends in cryptocurrency, take a look at Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). In a nutshell, the ICO process means that the startup firm is offering investors some units of a new cryptocurrency or token in exchange against another type of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.

Since 2013, ICOs have often been used to fund the development of new cryptocurrencies. Early investors are motivated to buy the cryptocoins in the hope that the new development will become successful, resulting in a higher cryptocoin value and general increased return than that for which it was originally purchased.

In the ICO process, the developer starts with the creation of a plan on whitepaper. Here the innovator explicates what the project is about, what needs the project will fulfill, how much money is required to complete the project, how much of the virtual tokens the developers will keep, what type of money is accepted, and how long the ICO campaign will run.

Many ICOs have been a lucky choice for investors. If current investors are searching for one of the biggest potential ICOs this year, they might want to look at Fr8 Network. And here’s why:

Current success with blockchain technology. Fr8 Network defines itself as a “next generation long-haul logistics company that solves the inefficiencies in logistics landscape through the adoption of technology.” Indeed, Fr8 Network has managed to harness the potential power of blockchain technology to generate a network that systematizes the shipping process from beginning to end. From the customer to the transporter to the truck driver to the actual truck delivery, Fr8 Network’s use of Blockchain’s smart contracts will create a faster, more efficient, and completely transparent operation, seamlessly integrating all of the individual procedures necessary for success in the transportation industry.

Current success with reliable, easy-to-use transactions. Capitalizing on the shared ledger, Fr8 Network will be able to eliminate the middlemen of transport–the broker–leading to complete peer-to-peer transactions. Shippers and carriers, then, are able to conduct business in a one-on-one manner, leading to a more transparent and time-efficient process. What’s been missing from this relationship is reputations on an open indelible ledger. Reputation regarding the behavior of Shippers and Carriers has been hoarded in the centralized databases of large brokerage houses, until now. The time-effectiveness translates into savings for the consumer and the generation of reduced operational costs and competitive pricing; the transparency contributes to a trustworthy environment that provides responsive customer service and excellent customer support. Fr8 boasts that its “team of specialized freight experts will be by your side every step of the way to ensure smooth transport of your load.”

Current success as a potential asset class. Generally speaking the freight transport and trucking-focused startups are accounting for a significant portion of funding to the broader supply chain and logistics category. Not only have they received significant funding, but they have also garnered recent press coverage. Aggregators like Fr8 Network will show a significant increase in orders. By utilizing a decentralized protocol for the freight industry, a cohesive, trusted solution is developed. Repairing the industry’s previously fractured value chain by connecting all of the key stakeholders, removing high-cost brokers, and redistributing revenue will shift the industry’s paradigm and showing results.

Potential success for the future. Probably the biggest reason that Fr8 Network has the potential to be one of the biggest ICOs has less to do with what they have already accomplished and more to do with their ability to look toward and plan for the future. Exploring the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation to revolutionize the transportation industry means that Fr8 Network could boom even more than they already have. Specifically, Fr8 Network is looking toward self-driving trucks and desires to be the first to market and utilize them, offering a whole new repertoire of solutions to consumers and manufacturers. By investigating their ability to establish partnerships with auto manufacturers and IOT technology providers. Through these collaborative processes, Fr8 Network hopes to enable more dynamic tracking processes, AI, and general automation. Fr8 Network indicates that they “aim to be the fabric that ties today’s old, fragmented industry to the future.”

Investors need to remember that the future is cash-free. Cryptocurrencies, in all their forms, have characteristics that make them stronger than most physical money-based currencies currently available.  Crypto’s financial growth and development allows more than a narrow focus on payment systems and is increasingly becoming an interest of economic and governmental agencies. Through the increase of interest by investors, as well as platforms run my decentralized organizations make cryptocurrency adoption inevitable.

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